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  1. Obedience Training
    I am just signing up with the group. Just got my pitbull puppy yesterday. Kaenin is 6 weeks old, and I'm looking forward to many years with him. Last night we didn't get much sleep because he was in our bathroom crying. Hoping to get a crate soon so he can stay in that at night. I hate keeping...
  2. Pictures
    Just wanted to post these shots I took of Kangol today, chillaxing in his chair. Spoiled ass dog! Gosh I love him though. His poses never get old to me!
  3. Pictures
    Big smile stubby derp Sergent Stubby lol
  4. General Discussion
    The fact that the judge didn't even let the owner talk and automatically ordered Sadie to be put to sleep really upsets me... She was pregnant to say the least... I feel this was an unfair trial, but I guess what can you expect? They discriminate. I'm sure it would have been a different story if...
  5. Pictures
    My friend Christina's chihuahua Buddy.
  6. Pictures
    Here's a few of Lex & Lily I took today - she's growing so fast! And they make such a great team :) Thanks Ya for Looking! After all the rain I've had, you'd think my Weeping Willow would look a little less weepy :/
  7. Obedience Training
    This little show-and-tell came about as a result of a situation that may happen in many instances. A young lady was left with her husband's three Pit Bulls, as he was deployed to Afghanistan. For the experts here this will be old hat. It may, however, give some insight to newbies. of Pit Bulls...
  8. Pictures
    MyFavorite Of course, Lugz on the spring pole
  9. Pictures
    Today we went to a water park for Dog Day Afternoon. Deuce and my shepherd Coco had a blast. Deuce was afraid at first, but finally opened up to the water the more we took him in there. Coco on the other hand. Didn't even want to come out. I didn't get pictures, but she would be half way up on...
1-9 of 9 Results