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  1. General Discussion
    Thank god it's summer in Michigan cause we can do all kinds of things now, haha. At 2pm, we're going to Bark in the Park which is a baseball game at Lugnuts stadium in Lansing, sponsored by ICAC. "Bark in the Park Day! Lansing Lugnuts vs Great Lakes Loons Sunday, June 26th @ 2:05 pm This is...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul food today. I was super happy because one, while it isn't a 6 star, it is a 5 star and I could get it in my own town. Only one places sells it, but hey, I can still get it and TWO, because it is such a better food (from what I hear) than Nutro and we pay...
1-2 of 6 Results