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    We had a blast this weekend! Sofie took a 3rd, 2nd, and 2 Best Junior awards. Rhodie had no class male competition day 1, so he just trotted around the breed ring. The Grand was picked for BOB/Group 1 in both shows. The judges told me I needed to get him moving faster, because he's being...
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    Rhodie and I will be at the Bel Air show next weekend. (9/30) They will be running Agility as well as Conformation, so there will be plenty to watch! Maybe we'll get some wins towards his CH! He hasn't been back in the ring since he was 6 months old... and boy is he ready! I can't wait! Hope...
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    Read more about the Go Green with EcoQube Air, the World's First Desktop Greenhouse For Wellness at PetGuide.com.
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    So.. Indie did GREAT! Here are her jump distances: Splash 4- 7'2" Splash 5- 7'8" Splash 6- 8'6" Splash 7- 8'10" Splash 8- 9'1" annnnd.... Finals! 9'7" New Personal BEST! She placed SECOND in the Novice Division Finals! I'm so psyched! :) Here are the pics!! (some by me, some by James, some by...
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    So Jon suggested this morning we should have a thread for all our great air shots :D So here we go I'll start :) Ok your turn lets see some more flying dogs :D
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    Do you know the words? I'll start with the first & then each person follows after with one word that's next to the one previously posted. And see how far we can go without stopping Here goes: Now
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    Here's a few pics of Dosia out on the spring pole. He got up there higher that I've ever seen today. These last two I had to post they show his goldish under tone so well
  8. BSL Discussion
    As being reported by News10 of Maryville, Ca a Sacramento women is quite upset because of Continental Airline's policy banning some Pit Bull breeds, specficlly, from Air travel. More here
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    He is a nerdo. <3.
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    Boomer and Gracie showing off thier mad rock catching skills for the tour boats... if you look closely, this is Boomer actually landing on Gracie LOL!! My favorite and the funniest fyi, the dogs were trying to catch rocks. the two of them have strange obsessions with the things. works...
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    Sorry for all the pictures guys. We had so much fun out there!!! I'll add them/some to my album(s) too. =) She'd rather walk. I love that big ol' tongue haha Still running around! Wrestling in the grass! I love this one Is he stalkin me??? HEHE ZOMG I'm HOTT now! EEP we're...
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    A few of Tsunami
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    Really cool experience, I suggest anyone who gets the chance take advantage of it. A Thunderbird F-16 flying 1000 feet from you at 1000mph is a mindblowing experience. Also, at one time when the crowd was watching a jet in another direction, they had one do a 'tactical surprise' pass from the...
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    ais anyone familiar w/ wireless air cards for their internet connection? its the only way I can elimenate dialup.
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    Here are a few pics taken earlier with my boy Jax. We were just goofing off with a jack-legged flirtpole...ha ha. I want to build a mini agilty-like course in the side yard with a few jumps, an A-frame a couple of tunnels,etc.....I really don't know much about agility training but would like to...
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    I just had to share this with you all!! For those of you who have inquired about dock jumping scroll through this!! http://www.game-dog.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28405
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    Yeah, I know I haven't said anything about my cat but she is pregnant just cause ive been running crazy with fixing stuff between my mom and her moving situation and crap but yeah... Accident of course. She got out with mouse(our other female cat that is fixed) one morning when the boyfriend...
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    more to come once i shrink them. just though i'd share this. :)
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    Hey Again I will also be attending this event having some of my dogs doing Weight Pull. Hope some of you will be attending Deb MARYLAND OLD LINE STATE UNITED DOG CLUB BELAIR (I & O) JS CONF WPULL May 17; S1 Matthew Proctor JS SIGHT TERR (except TFT); Austina Heinz GUARD SCENT COMP; James...
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    Check out Stella's Hangtime!!!