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    Dumb question here some of you may think. If you have a pitbull mix, one mix is German Shepherd, and one mix is Labrador -- filing forms for airlines, you state German Shepherd and Labrador -- what happens if some "official" decides that there is pit bull in the mix?
  2. General Discussion
    I've read everything I can find on-line and I'm not confident we won't get turned away by American Airlines when checking in our dog for international flight. He is a "Pitbull, Mix" according to the rescue agency we adopted him from. He is white with lots of black spots, has a black spot over...
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    Seven dogs dead after American Airlines flight - CNN.com Main reason I don't ship. This is sad, but you guys gotta read some of the comments left as well. Some of these people are off their rocker.
  4. BSL Discussion
    As being reported by News10 of Maryville, Ca a Sacramento women is quite upset because of Continental Airline's policy banning some Pit Bull breeds, specficlly, from Air travel. More here