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  1. Pictures
    Wanted to share pictures,of my pride and joy, I couldnt ask for a better dog! He will be 5 months old the 12th. He is an absolute joy.
  2. Pictures
    I have raised this pup since he was 7 days old, it has been hectic at times but worth it. He is now a little over 2 months old (Born March 1st) and is doing very well. First day I got him. Following are just some of my favorite shots of him. First visit to get his first rounds of shots..he...
  3. Pictures
    Adopted sadie back on august 19th, 2015 for a guy. When we broke up I ended up taking her with me, seeing as he wasnt a suitable dog owner. Lord I do hope he sees this and have come to terms that anything to do with the animals welfare, I was taking care of for the most part. I will not call her...
  4. Authorized Breeders
    If there are any family breeders trolling .... Here's a genetic phenom. ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [458848] :: STANLEE'S ST ROSE OF VIETERBO I did all the hard work .. a 1930s bulldog right here and now.. shes produced a litter already and Im letting them go as well: twins. Male and Female. Rose...
  5. Pictures
    Rogue 4 months old off Garners Ch Dexter..
  6. Pictures
    Few pics of Pup-pup and my older dog Shorty who is 6 now. Pup pup is 16 weeks old now and weighs 18 lbs
  7. Pictures
    Blue River's The Goat..... Had to show off the #1 Shorty Bull in the ABKC as well as the #1 dog overall. As y'all know he is owned by my boss, Bully the Kid, but he got to stay with his Aunt Lauren and Hurricane a few weeks..... man i got so attached to him lol.... there will be a Goat Junior...
  8. The Family Room
    My little man!
  9. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Happy Birthday man!! I hope you have an awesome day!! Don't kick my butt... I know I was on time, according to the time here on GP, but you'll get this late, lol.
  10. Pictures
    I haven't posted my girl Jade since I got her in November! Time flies! She's on the smaller side of my dogs (which I like!) She only weighed in at 24lbs at 5 months... guessing she will be in the 30's full grown. I will post a few pics of her growing over the past few months! Here she is about...
  11. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Curious about what people think about the bill. How does dog fighting get lumped in with farming? the Hashbrown Summary: The Farm Bill conference report released today by the House-Senate conference committee includes two major wins on animal welfare issues, and was applauded by The Humane...
  12. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    So, I wanted to give a big shout out to Red Bird Classic, aka RBC... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!! Much love to you on your day, and every day. Time to party!:woof:
  13. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    So, I heard it's your birthday! Happy Happy Birthday to the best boss man out there on the net! Hope you have an awesome day, and maybe I'll have a drink with ya tonight!
  14. Pictures
    It's been quite a few months since I posted pictures.. sooo... here goes :) Ozai 2 years old Modeling his new Cali Girl Collar The three amigos, Belle, Rudi and Ozai Handsome man My little lady Rudi The hider lol, she hates pictures Thanks for looking :)
  15. Pictures
    Mr. Champy at 27 weeks, 6.2 months. And about 30ish lbs of puppy power muscle! Gonna start calling him Scrappy Doo :p Stack picture taken at 26 weeks old.
  16. Pictures
    The dog shaming site cracks me up. And now I have one of my own. She's so full of mischief!!! She looks ashamed but I really don't think she is. LOL Sent from Petguide.com Free App
1-17 of 88 Results