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  1. Pictures
    I am quite a few days late. But some crazy stuff has been going on over here and this month has sucks so far. But Akasha turned 2 years old on the 2nd! I can't believe she's already that old! Now for some pics! Excuse the motion blur. My poor old camera can't keep up with her lol.
  2. Pictures
    Sorry been mia lately.. got a few pics of miss akasha playing in the yard today.. almost done with our move and well be hitting shows again and back in the dog world ;) Thanks for looking! :D
  3. Pictures
    as yall remember i added miss akasha to my yard a couple of months back.. this girl is absolutely amazing!! i was actually able to get a little bit of yard work in with her yesterday.. here are what pics i managed to get and heres one of my dirty boy ;)
  4. Weight Pulling
    So I've contacted a local kennel to help mentor me and Akasha on WP'ing and she's agreed to do it! I can't wait. I think Akasha will kick some butt at it!
  5. Pictures
    hehe, seriously though. She can jump for a blue dog! haha, get it. Blue dog instead of white guy. I thought it was funny. y'all suck Quality is crappy, forgot to charge the camera so had to use my phone.
  6. Pictures
    Kay, so we've got this squirt bottle filled with water in the kitchen. And hubby found out a few days ago that Akasha loves to be squirted with water. Today we found out... so does Tyler. Mya... not so much
  7. Pictures
    Most of these are recent, so she's around 3 months in the pics... give or take a week, clicky to make bigger. Taken about an hour ago
  8. Pictures
    So we were in Petsmart today to get Dog food, and other doggie stuff. And I walked by a display of Martha Stewart collars and harnesses on clearance. While I won't buy her stuff full price, buying a 16 dollar collar for 3 bucks I couldn't pass up. I kinda of like it on her, its supposed to...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    Okay, so I just noticed this sticky stuff on the sheet that we use on the couch. Its got a fishy metallic like smell. And I can tell its coming from her you know what because there is the same stuff on the little hairs. She's will be 3 months on the 2nd of Sept. Can Pyometra start this...
  10. Pictures
    Sorry about the mess. Tyler likes to... throw things on the ground. lol Theyz plottin somethingz Just watchin tv with a nice warm puppy dog pillow Why aren't they rotated?! They are in my photobucket... lame
  11. Pictures
    Okay, so my sick self was sleeping in bed with the dogs when Hubs came in and woke me up. Waking up to a package of Nizmo Harnesses was pretty awesome! Love how super rugged they are. Hopefully these won't get chewed up like Mya's last one... lol Hopefully I'm not still sick this...
  12. General Discussion
    I recently went through a divorce and had to move to Las Vegas, of course I took Akasha with me. I found a wonderful place to live close the college that I am attending. After already paying all the fees, and getting the house - The Home Owners Associations calls me and states "I'm sorry but we...
  13. Health & Nutrition
    Hey guys, so I haven't been an active part of the forums for awhile - got busy with school and moving. Anyways Akasha is doing good, well for the most part. Lately we have noticed as she's gotten older that she has become very clumsy. Maybe its just her breaks but who knows. We put her in her...
  14. Pictures
    Fun in the snow - sorry had to yell at my kid towards the end, he kept throwing snow on the puppy :hammer:
  15. Pictures
    lazy dog I guess she was cold this can't be comfortable 6 months old and she still thinks she a lap dog - heres my husband and Akasha
  16. Raw Foods
    Akasha has stopped eating and we don't know the cause of it. She's been to the vet and I don't understand.....vet hasn't found anything, but is there something we are missing? We started her on a dry food diet when got her which she wasn't eating so we then did a raw meat diet.... 1/2 cup raw...
1-16 of 17 Results