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    Hey Gang!!! I haven't been on the forum in a while, I recently bought a house and have been quite busy with it. Anyway, I am putting together a fundraiser for the animal shelter where I adopted my dog from. They have been AMAZING: giving my girlfriend and I tips, lessons, even paid for private...
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    Let's see what you got. I'll start...
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    Ukrainian Dog Has Amazing Parkour Skills | ThePostGame
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    As the title says, amazing or not? Check it:
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    So I may have gotten some gruff for not fostering Zoe, but today reminded me that everything happens for a reason. Zoe is now going to be part of the "PAWSitive Changes" Program. PAWSitive Changes, Inc. - Home After only meeting Zoe for ten seconds, well and maybe a few seconds of my teary...
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    I picked up a 10x10x4 kennel for a jaw dropping $75!!!! They normally go for $150-250!! I think it was a great deal and I'm pretty sure Beau will like it too!
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    This is my little girl's first highlight tape. please let me know what you think. Izzy, The Amazing Frisbee-Catching Pit bull - YouTube
  8. Pictures
    4 days home and she is starting to look amazing!!! her eyes arent as puffy and her fur (thanks to TOTW and flaxseed oil) is starting to become glossy again, she isnt as fat as she was either. her fur is still a bit brittle and her paws are still mangled but I am putting bag balm on them and they...
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    Out of shape Kane got in the span of 2 months without regular exercise! It's downright balmy here in MI, with the temp. at 43 degrees F, so I couldn't resist taking Kane out for some hardcore fetch. It used to be I could Chuck-It across the 1/2 acre field with him sprinting back and forth for...
  10. Weight Pulling
    For all those weight pullers out there does anyone have video or pickers of apbt pulling extreme weight amd or what is the most you have heard of a dog pulling
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    love the drive and athleticism
  12. Adopt a Bulls
    The name of the rescue is raw hide rescue. She reminds me of marty's lil bit. She is gotta be around 25 pounds, they bred the heck out of her and left her in the street when BSL came to their town. She has an infection and they had to remove two of her toes but let me tell you she is a sweet...
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    this is an amazing video that i found on Youtube of pitbulls being rescued from falling through the ice. It made me cry I was so happy at the end.
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    Of my cousin, who a Marine who is currently on his second tour of duty and he's currently in Haiti doing some humanitarian work. I won't say his name or division for his safety, but I found this to be an amazing shot and shows how much of an amazing person he is, as is with all our troops. I...
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    I got this emailed to me but it is worth watching. If you have never seen an obedience show and watched Utility you have to take the time and watch this. It is 7 min long but worth it!! This is a 95 year old man and his dachshund doing the Utility routine in AKC obedience. He won his class which...
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    20 World's Most Amazing Waterfalls | DailyCognition.com
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    The first day I brought her home China waited patiently on the bed to see what it was that was crying. This was the first min. I got her on the bed China creeped up to her and checked her out.. pulled China back so I could get one that was decent. lol and so on.. I ll just watch you...
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    Lost Dog Gathers Clues to Find its Family - CBS Evening News - CBS News Made me cry.
  20. Obedience Training
    Wow i bought one and it worked immediately! No more pulling sometimes she swerves from side to side and almost trip me but even thats getting better :D i even put it on wrong the first time and it still worked