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  1. Pictures
    I just joined so bear with me. Im glad I found the AmBully board. I know there can be some "breed bashing" by APBT owners at times. I've run into it on another site & decided to remove myself from it. Mason is 17 weeks old. His mom Venus has Gotti blood & his dad Cash has RE, 25% Mugglestone...
  2. New Member Introductions
    How are all you Dog Lovers?
  3. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    Are AmBullys and american mollosers the same or completely different ? I saw this question asked in closed thread so i couldn't address it,but have intrest in it because i had some correspondence with one of the two breeders of the dog,"American bull molosser" a ways back and i believe it to be...
  4. General Discussion
    ok so this person has bred her so called pitbulls and she has the pedigree writen up and yea well they have R.E in them...a few people have noticed that they aint pitbulls and have told her...but dont get me wrong they are really good looking pups...
  5. General Discussion
1-5 of 5 Results