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    We are picking up Bullet from shelter tomorrow. He presents some quite unique challenges. He weighs 63 lbs. Maybe 5-7 lbs overweight. He is tripod so doesn't get the optimum exercise. His walking/running is obviously limited in duration. Open to thoughts how we can get him slim and trim so he...
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    Hope everyone's pups had a safe and least traumatic as possible 4th and their humans had some safe fun! ~Jess
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    I admit the headline caught my attention. I then saw the teaser and it says "people mistake the American Bully for a pit bull and that's not correct, they are their own breed" I was PUMPED!!! Then the ABKC judge (who is also a breeder) says: "Take a litter of six puppies, after three or four...
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    The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in America | Facebook
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    check out my friends new blog post, he's a pit bull rescuer and stand up comedian in New York. He's looking for feedback! For Over 150 Years Americans Knew What Pit Bulls Were Famous For. BABYSITTING!- Pt. III | Yonah Ward Grossman
  7. Pictures
    Hey all! Nice to see such a big community of pitbull lovers. I'm going to post some pictures of my 18 month old APBT and a brief story about him. I got him when he was about one and a half months old from a friend. I know the dog's father and mother so that helped a lot. I was always very...
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    Barca (barking), Crixus, and Varro :)
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    American Super Dog is recruiting talented Pit Bulls for America's Got Talent and a TV series in the works. We are looking for general videos of Pit Bulls and especially videos of Pit Bulls with talent. If you have a Pit Bull video we encourage you to submit at American Super Dog. Prizes will be...
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    America's Healthiest And Unhealthiest States - MSN Health & Fitness - Health Topics Woah!
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    This 19 year old ex-cheerleader (now an Air Force Security Forces Sniper) was watching a road that led to a NATO military base when she observed a man digging by the road. She engaged the target (i.e., she shot him). It turned out he was a bomb maker for the Taliban, and he was burying an IED...
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    I was born in a country were you could have dogs and 500 other animals if you wanted and no one stole your live stock. when did we start letting people steal from us because they think they know better than we do. I tell you one thing I won't and I hope you don't either never just lay down and...
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    I'm up and coming but very motivated. I just finished my term in the US Army and now its back to my first passion, APBT. I've formed a website to make it easy for pit bull lovers/owners to group up and walk for pit bull rights. I want more! I'm based out of Houston, TX and have walks every 2...
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    The litter White girl black ear Fav girl Pretty boy A few of the new kiddos:)
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    Click here for the news story, watch and read carefully it takes a couple seconds to fully load :) View My TinyFx Don't worry folks she has been arrested you're safe from all the kisses Click for the Police Mug Shot View My TinyFx Bail was Posted... Bodacious commented after being released...