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  1. General Discussion
    why do people assuming these dogs are the same breed? Why do people tagged and hanging papers with ukc and adba under the breed american pit bull terrier? Why do people don't understand there is no blue, gray, tri color or merle apbts?
  2. Pictures
    Just adopted this beautiful pup! What do you guys think she is ???
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello all, I have my beautiful girl karma and we just got her pedigree in the mail and i was wondering if anyone out here could give me some insight to her lineage. Alot of champions it seems but dont know if that really means much. I dont really know much about the lines but would love to...
  4. Pictures
    Hello, just wondering what you guys think of Libby. She is 8 months old around 60 pounds. Do you think she is an APT or Amstaff
  5. Pictures
    Im looking to get a Amstaff from the pacific Northwest everything im finding online is either no longer breeding or retired. Not looking for a show dog but I know my Amstaffs and would like it if any1 could recomend a reputable breeder in the pacific Northwest thx. Been a long time looking...
  6. General Discussion
    Seriously, looks aside, I don't think they are different dogs per se. My personal understanding is that the temperament really depends on a particular bloodline, not whether the documents say it's a pit or it's an amstaff. Most amstaff breeders I have talked to claim that pits are more...
  7. General Discussion
    Edited to clarify that it's not the breeders who called the pup "bluenose", it was me ))) They said it was a blue puppy (as in coat), not a bluenose puppy. TL;DR Should a blue puppy have a blue skin? And is a coat of blue puppies brown with a grey gloss or should it actually be dark grey...
  8. General Discussion
    Ok, I have what might be a strange question....my adorable guy has been sniffing and then barking as he pounces at the Concrete garage floor. He doesn't do that anywhere else in the house or outside...just in the garage. At first we thought he was just seeing his shadow, but he does it even when...
  9. Pictures
    hi everyone. im new to this website literally registered a few minutes ago lol i adopted a 5-6 month old puppy/dog a month ago and i was wondering what breed it is. i was told he is a red/blue nose mix but when i got his shots they wrote that he is an amstaff. i dnt know exactly how much he...
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    We got a new puppy a couple months ago. We weren't sure what breed he was so we did a DNA test on him. It came back that he's 75% AmStaff, 12.5% Boxer, and 12.5% something else (Norwegian Lundhound and others). I'm trying to figure out where he gets his ears from. They stick straight up...
  11. Health & Nutrition
    Lately, now that warmer weather is here and we're outside more, people have been telling me my Amer. Staffordshire Terrier is too skinny. I'm not really sure what an ideal weight looks like for her breed. This is the first dog I've owned on my own, and my family's dogs were always overweight, so...
  12. Pictures
    Regards to all, I am Manolo vellido, of barcelona "Spain" and I want to show them a video that I have played the role of my female of "Amstaff" of 16 years. It is a tax in life since I do not like to do a tax after the death, I hope that we all like
  13. Bloodline Discussion
    Can anyone tell me what two breeds make an "amstaff"? Im just curious
  14. General Discussion
    A few people have told me that amstaffs are banned in the UK because they are a type of "pitbull" is this true?, can anyone please help me as i have just bought an amstaff puppy! Thanks
  15. General Discussion
    This is so neat!!! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  16. Pictures
    This is my Blue Fawn 90lb AmStaff Pit Stud of the litter - 3 years old. As a pup:
  17. Conditioning
    So my Amstaff is 12 years old,she's getting up there in age and gains weight easily,I have a one year old APBT that keeps her busy and she gets occasional walks and daily yard time. I work offshore and my GF isn't going to work my dogs like I do-spring pole,tug of war,bite sleeve-long walks ...
1-17 of 58 Results