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  1. Pictures
    Meet Tandie!! Her registered name is "Midnight Angel." Her sire's registered name is Midnight and she looks just like her grandma Angel (who was one heck of a bulldog) so i wanted to honer her. She was my little surprise for everyone :) only a few folks knew I was getting her when I went down to...
  2. Pictures
    So.. you all havent seen much of my mama dog ever so today I wanted to share her. She is going on 9 years old now,, she's been my running mate for a long time! I got her as a 3 day old pup, due to a hurricane I got her earlier than expected.. Bottle fed and wiped her into great pup! She has...
  3. Pictures
    ElfYourself by OfficeMax - Powered by JibJab Our pack spreadin' holiday cheer. :pup:
  4. Pictures
    Sweet! I get to be first!... cheers! This photo was 07' This one was like 18 months ago
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Our 2 year old female pitbull was in heat 2 months ago and ever since then her nipples are saggy and her belly looks like she may be carrying milk. The only issue is she has never been around a male to become pregnant. She is not overweight and this is the only spot on her entire body that isn't...
  6. Pictures
    Most of these were taken tonight except the one with the reindeer antlers..
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    I'm wondering what bloodline she would b considered.here are the first couple lines of ped off her dams side starting with her mom. Cattalo's 'zoey 11468ap-13 her parents ironheads Sandman k10346ap-72 n ironheads kaylee k10223ap-36. Grand parents celtics/zak's missie red 26000u-17 x zaks...
  8. General Discussion
    My two older pits, Sugar and Angel, do not eat very much. I try to keep them on a regular eating schedule, but at times they just refuse to eat... Is this common? Help me out.
  9. Events, Results & Photos
    This is what happened: Help Angel the updated news story: Tampa Bay Local News | WFTS-TV | First in HD ... 7416986208 You don't have to attend the Paw Wash, donations can also be made via PayPal, use [email protected] (Art and Lisa, the owners of P.I.T. Positive - Search For Adoptable Pit...
  10. General Discussion
    ..to get her rabies and last shots, shes good now for a year. she had a great time and tried to play with a dachsunde puppy while she was in the waiting room, the dachsunde was psycho just my parents. the skin irritation was a slight staff infection, got antibiotics and should be cleared up n...
  11. General Discussion
    yup, 7 weeks of age and angel got her ears cut shorter then show cut but not to much more. it was from a old time vet at his barn, hes been doing local show dogs for along time and does it frequently. he let me watch, and i....well....lol it lookd brutal and i felt like an asshole, but he...
  12. Pictures
    this is the pitbull my gf fell in love with and i really like, shes a gotti/blue wolfman and ill put up a link to her daddy. luckily bam bam likes her alot lol, only a lil jealousy
  13. Pictures
    the thread "sweet dreams" reminded me of this ooolllddd pic i had of snoop and i thought i would share my bf use to keep the house cold so i had this electric blanket i use to sleep w/ and i guess i left it on and of course snoop found it lol he tends to be attracted to anything thats warm (like...
  14. General Discussion
    So my good friend pat has been a friend of me and most of my friends for a long time. So ever since i got leah hes always wanted a dog. and hes trying to get his mom to get a pit so he alwys takes leah when im not gonna be home for a long time or whatever. So he always was worried about her eye...
1-15 of 16 Results