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  1. Pictures
    Meet Knuckles the Bull Terrier! All the way from Wales. Knuckles was a stray without a home. He'd stared out of his window in his cage in the pound wondering what was outside those walls. So he set out and sailed the seas to see the bigger things in life! He met Rascal at a bakery in Rascal's...
  2. Pictures
    Okay, guys. Before i start, i'm going to say that i totally messed up a part of this pic. This time i let it slide, next time it'll be perfect..i hope Today, Sibera got to play in water AND got to enjoy the sun!! He even requested a picture! You like? :D I'm working on making a...
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Hey everyone! I went ahead and made Rascal and his pals a page Here it is, still gotta spread the word. But its new, so i'm cool with it. I'm thinking of doing my first contest on there soon too. The prize is a free animation piece, but that'll take planning and paper lol. But will be held in...
  4. Pictures
    Rascal's wasn't going to take the "No Chew" command this time because he loves his Alphabets! Can you spot where he nibbled on the letter R?
  5. Pictures
    Like Rascal's new hoodie? I squeezed it onto him and made him take a photoshoot! i was gonna draw a third pic but....i ran out of positions at the time. You like? ;) And thank you Patch O Pits for mentioning clothes on dogs. It encouraged me to go ahead and give Rascal a hoodie that...
  6. Pictures
    Well if they are then be sure to say hi to Sibera The White Tiger! He lives with his cousin Tyberis (the lion cub), and is Rascal's most coolest pal out of the whole bunch! He loves grabbing and playing with Cat Tails. Why?...maybe because they're "Cat" Tails :rofl: Okay...So here he is! Like...
  7. Pictures
    If you do, then you'll LOVE Zeke! He's the worlds cutest animated German Rotti and absolutely LOVES water hose! :) Thanks so much Holly for your help! When i did what you said i got another trail! :hug:
1-7 of 12 Results