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  1. Pictures
    Well first off. I'm redoing my whole Mythical Creature page on my site. And I'll be working on Redoing Chinaman, and finishing off one or two of Rascal's new friends. Here's the page. Everything on there will be no more when i get up to three Myth Creatures. Then bye bye they go ;) The...
  2. Pictures
    Hey everyone. I was looking through my art box and found two old pieces of art i'd like to show you all. Plus, i'd like to show my last piece i did for a friend who lost his Doberman. So please leave feedback. Thanks ;) Latest piece: and here are the two old pics of art i found lol. (done...
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Well everyone! Come see my website's new layouts! :D I can link you to my site's by the way. So if you wanna be linked just let me know :) (click the banners, they've got links in them. Convenient much?) You like??
  4. Pictures
    Well. i just drew this. I'll call it a horse hybrid. I don't know why i drew it but here it is :) P.S. I don't why i threw in the (1000 Gallops Over The Sea) thing lol
1-4 of 4 Results