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  1. Events, Results & Photos
    It was a BLAST last year, If you are around come and check it out!
  2. Pictures
    I shot these yesterday before training. It was our 2nd Annual Working Pit Bull Central Christmas Photo Shoot! You can see more phtots here. WPBC Christmas Shoot. Fur Mommy approved ear crop!!!! We let a couple of Pointy Face Dog in on the fun.
  3. Health & Nutrition
    I've often heard the alarming phrase: "My dog doesn't need a check-up, he's always been healthy". Didn't you know that an annual veterinary exam is the key to a long-lived, healthy pet? The annual exam is much more than just a cursory check-up. It is most often during these exams that a...
  4. General Discussion
    (PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DOGS MUST HAVE CRATES) We know you heard about this event last April for the first annual! We had an attendance of about 6,000 people who all enjoyed themselves. This year April 28th we expect it to be even greater with our huge staff to help with any questions or problem...
  5. Events, Results & Photos
    WellNowuCme you asked for a show in florida and I found one :) here is the info. Pit Bull Gear's 5th Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day! October 22, 2011 State Fairgrounds in Tampa Gates Open at 9 AM, Weight Pull begins at 10 AM, Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR) Show begins at 11 AM ...
  6. General Discussion
    Most dogs hate fireworks. if you are anticipating a problem, right now is the time to contact your vet for meds.
  7. Events, Results & Photos
    APA weight pull included plus extra breeds
  8. Events, Results & Photos
    Fresno Bully Rescue 2nd Annual BIKES & BULLIES Bike Run - Sat. 6/11/11, Fresno, CA Fresno Bully Rescue, a non-profit, NO-KILL dog shelter in Fresno, CA, specializing in bully breed dogs (Pitbulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bulldogs, etc.) is holding its 2nd Annual BIKES & BULLIES...
  9. Events, Results & Photos
    Just curious if anyone here was attending this event?
  10. Bullies 101
    Not sure if this should go here, or the regular event section? Anyway, just curious if anyone here is attending this show? According to the ad, the show date is Jan 29th in Delavan, WI All the other details were on the posted ad, but I wasn't sure if it was ok to post the ad pic here or not?
  11. Pictures
    On Oct 9th just 4 days before I had Justin my business Sponsored the 3rd annual Pit Bull Day in our city. We did Agility and WP demos and had a blast! Monsoon and Bailey did WP and Vixen and Tempest did the Agility Demos. Bailey really like the audience and kept pulling the cart to the fence...
  12. Events, Results & Photos
    Ill be there. their will be some major competition, a friend is bringing so ch. and i think one gr. ch. i wish i had my tibe tiba i would totally compete Time Saturday, November 13 · 8:00am - 5:00pm Location Valley View Canine: 2206 NW Birdsdale Ave # 1, Gresham, OR 97030 More Info This...
  13. Events, Results & Photos
    Atlanta Bully Rally Saturday, October 23 Perkerson Park 770 Deckner Avenue Atlanta, GA 30310 The Atlanta Bully Rally 2010 will take place from 12:00-5:00 pm in SW ATL's Perkerson Park! Special guest DJ Redd from Hot 107.9 will be joining us! This is a FREE event! We've got some great...
  14. Events, Results & Photos
    Time: September 25, 2010 from 12pm to 7pm Location: Illini State Park City/Town: Marseilles, Illinois Phone: 815-388-2066 Event Type: cookout/bags, tournament Organized By: Deb and Bob Whalen and Dan Meagher
  15. Events, Results & Photos
    Hello my good dog lovers, We @ Kennel Clubs United are throwing our 8th annual pitbully show! There will be a lot of great experienced dogmen and women and kennels from all over, there will be great prizes and alot of great people to mingle and meet most of all it's a very nice environment, and...
1-16 of 26 Results