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  1. General Discussion
    Good morning, I've wanted a Pitbull for years and now I've finally decided to get one but before I purchase one I wanted to know a few things: 1-can I leave my puppy alone throughout the day since I will be at work, he will be left alone in a play pen with the crate,bed,water,toys,and some...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hi all! I am new here, just joined so I could get advice or answers about my 1 year old american bully. Little backround on her, Liberty is a happy healthy 1 year old pitty. We rescues her last Christmas when she was just 3 months old. She was found in a dumpster with her brother and was going...
  3. General Discussion
    I know we've bumped heads before but if anyone can answer this its you. Have you heard or read anything about dogs being pitted against primates? Like in sanctioned battles? I swear ive read some where about monkeys fighting pit dogs. I almost want to say in england. Sometimes the monkeys were...
  4. General Discussion
    Is this a pure Zebo dog or a heavy bred Lonzo dog? ONLINE PEDIGREES - Access Denied
  5. General Discussion
    I found a great article that a friend posted and has some really good information on what a dog can see. How a Dog's Color Vision Affects Canine Sport: How Do Dogs See?
  6. General Discussion
    how do i measure the weight pull harness? how do i measure a regular leather spike harness? how do i measure spike collars? :confused:
  7. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I saw on tv a number that you can text and you can ask any question Does any one know the number?
  8. Pictures
    I when out on the back porch to smoke this morning and Dosia wanted to play ball sooooo bad. He wanted me to chase him and I wouldn't do it so he kept throwing the ball in my lap and looking sad.LOL he won't take no for an answer :) Thanks for looking :woof::woof::woof:
  9. Bloodline Discussion
    I have had Layla for a year now and she means the world to me, and I would love to find her blood line. The person that I recived her from I'm pretty sure doesnt have papers for her parents. could I possibly do a DNA test or something along the lines of that our could I in pregnate her with a...
  10. Pitbull Articles
    Just curious how you all answer the inevitable question that always seems to arise when I'm out with my dog. What kind of dog is it ? Personally I answer proudly that he's an American Pit Bull Terrier, this always seems to trigger one of two reactions either an extreme tension and almost...
  11. General Discussion
    I was just wondering how some of the breeders here felt about buyers breeding offspring when they are of age. i mean like if a client got a dog from you of either gender,took it to a show or competition and found another dog there they wanted to breed with? do you allow clients to even breed...
  12. General Discussion
    I would like to know if there are any decent or known game dog kennels/ breeders in illinois.if any one can let me know. thanks (just a general question.)
  13. General Discussion
    might have to start sending this link instead of answering questions :roll:
  14. General Discussion
    someone jsut asked me why i like pitbulls so much. the answer i would have come up with coulda been a book i just said i dont like them i love them. and i told him a brief summary of what a pitbull is. but a more blunt answer is because they are the best of the best at everything they do and...
  15. Obedience Training
    i was asked this question and it stumped me. how long would it take for a dog aggresive pitbull going through vigorous training to drop the habbit if possible. the symptoms are, she will try to break through anything to get to the other dog and she will not stop barking untill the other dog is...
1-16 of 20 Results