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    IT'S YOUR B-DAY!!!!!!!! :woof: :clap: Have a great day!
  2. Pictures
    Hello! I miss posting pics lol. I wanted to show everyone my artwork for Tye a.k.a apbtmom76. I love doing artwork for people and nothing pleases me more when they are thrilled with it :) So, lets start shall we? Here's Demon: His sketch: Demon also has an animated version but i need to redo...
  3. Pictures
    I know you've been wanting some pics of Nismo. so tonight i took the time to get some of him in his harness and him in his STILLWATER collar. REP IT! lol. i swear he's got the mentality of a show dog. I've taught him how to stack, he's got a great natural stack too, but this is the the one i've...
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1-4 of 5 Results