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  1. General Discussion
    I don't know much about conformation but it seems like a lot of nice looking APBTs have a slight curve to their backs - regardless if they are stacking or extended. I always thought that a flat topline is desirable for most breeds outside of very exaggerated ones like sighthounds. Is this as...
  2. General Discussion
    Everything isn't a Pit Bull. You can Train any dog to do what you want it to do. Every Breed have Goal in life. Real Pit Bull Animal Aggressive and Not Human Aggressive. Real Pit Bull isn't Blue, Gray, Merle, Tri-Color. Real Pit Bull has Bruce Lee Body/Narrow Head. ( If this post isn't allowed...
  3. General Discussion
    real apbts, pit bulls, pits weight from 30lbs to 70lbs. Real apbts, pit bulls, pits have bruce lee body/tight skin. Real apbts, pit bulls, pits are animal aggressive and not human aggressive. Real apbts, pit bulls, pits aren't blue, gray, merle, purple or tri colors. You don't have real apbts...
  4. General Discussion
    I know that this is somewhat unrelated; but this brightened my day, because it is SO crazy! It is people like this that should make every dog own, irrespective of breed, more cautious about keeping their dog in check. haha Dog Bite Victim Sues New York City For More Money Than There Is On Earth...
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    This is not my video, but I'm sharing because I thought it was cool. Courtesy of our very own Pit Bulletin Legal News via Face Book (where I got the link from). Enjoy everyone!
  6. Pictures
    So I haven't been on in... forever. I miss my forums, but I don't really have a convenient way to access the internet right now. So here I sit at McD's. :) Well, I moved back to Delaware in August, leaving my ex behind. He kept Chansey and Zephyr, and I took Indie and my daughter with me...
  7. General Discussion
    Hello all, I must say I am quite happy to have found this forum. I used to own game bred dogs - not backyard breeder dogs thank you - in a fawn male, King, a brindle and white female, Zela [weight pull] which unfortunately I had to give up to friends and family while moving. Now while moving I...
  8. General Discussion
    So with the over whelming of new comers here, each and every day telling us about their shelter "Pit Bull" i thought it would be wise to list reasons, as clear as possible, for those to better understand why they may be doing more harm than good.. As well knocking some sense into the world...
  9. General Discussion
    My dogs dam is UKC reg RE... She doesn't look like an American Bully though... And I was told that the older RE line is pure APBT... I know his dad was FOR SURE all APBT... His breeder supposedly still keeps hand written books so he is not papered though... I was told that he has Bolio, Dibo...
  10. General Discussion
    We adopted Dessa from the Humane society 11 months ago. At that time she was 2 months old and 10 pounds. We were told that she was a apbt. As she is getting older we believe that she may possibly be mixed with something else. She is now just over a year old, 60 pounds, very tall, and very lean...
  11. General Discussion
    This is a question to anyone who has had a child with APBTs pretty much. Or any dog matter of fact. I got laughed at by saying to my family I am getting Adam to bring home a blanket that smells like my son from the hospital!? I thought it was a good idea. I have no worries with Stage he won't...
  12. Pictures
    Jeep/ Red Boy/ Gaines/ TurtleBuster
  13. Pictures
    i just wanted all of your opinions on wether my pitbull is a bully or an APBT... he is 8 months old and weighs 60-70 lbs now... i also dont know if he is full grown, but he is UKC, CKC, and ADBA registered... any input would help thanxs
  14. New Member Introductions
    How are all you Dog Lovers?
  15. General Discussion
    Oky! first let me start by say you have the american pitbull terrier, Am staff terrier, Amstaff bull terrier and Bull terrier. What suppose to be cousins to each other. if im wrong please correct me. If you take two of the four and breed to each other would they still be consider as the same...
  16. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    The recent appearance of merle patterned APBTs and a couple breeders specializing in the "new" and "rare" color pattern has stirred up a controversy in the APBT community. The general thought among those that have been around the breed for the greatest number of years is that, these new color...
  17. General Discussion
    Here is our black and tan APBT named CUJO @ 9 weeks old today.:woof:
  18. Bloodline Discussion
    I have found lots of info on Jesse's dam, Mealer's Blue Ponie, but have found nothing on his sire Bellamy's Diesel His entire bloodline can be seen at: American Pit Bull Terrier: Laughter's Outlaw Jesse James pedigree information Anyone have info, pics, etc of anything in his bloodline?
  19. General Discussion
    I live in VA where the weather changes alot. I was wondering if you all kept your dogs outside no matter the temperature.
  20. General Discussion
    Well i was in a convo with a complete stranger. they asked if i was going to breed onyx i said HECK NO! they asked why and i got all into apbt overpopulation and poor breeding. they then told me if my dog still has his jewels i need to breed him or else it is cruel not to. then somehow he got...
1-20 of 36 Results