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    Ok members here's one..... claiming to breed American pitbull terriers with there females going around 130 lbs.....Yeah RIGHT! Blue Pitbull | Pitbull Puppy | American Pitbull Terrier Kennel Breeder| Biggest Blue Bully Pitbulls | Biggest Champagne Bully Style Pitbulls
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    Lots of good info on this site. I found the link on Stillwater Kennels Supply page. Home
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    I really want to get into something else with onyx. i want to go duck hunting with him and teach him to retrieve the ducks...i think deer hunting would be fun but i couldnt bring myself to kill a deer i think they are beutiful...but im not a complete pansy when it comes to deer hunting either...
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    If apbts were never created what would life be like today(im obviously glad they became a breed i love them and going through the struggle of owning one in todays world is just life to me). Which breed would be your fave. If there were no apbts i would have to go with a rottie...but then it is...
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    arent they great :P
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    hello all, i have been desperately searching for information and researching on pits. i have been seeing a lot of great puppies for sale, and i then came across this..... Help save a life! Please read! and i can not get over what this post said. so i am very intent on wanting to adopt a puppy...
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    http://www.buzzle.com/articles/126321.html Such scholarly articles such as this are rampant... it's so hard not to get angry at people who believe this garbage with every ounce of intellect they have.... Oh, for more stupid fun, see his other articles....
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    In all white dogs if any hearing issues were to come up how long would it take for them to show? Meaning like if there are no issues and the dog is 4 months they are in the clear. Also are the skin issues relevant(sp?) in the all white dogs with RED noses NOT pink. Or are they in both the...
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    Hello, Im from Germany and have a unregistered apbt/staff(?) from a german pitbull rescue. Right here it is not so easy to find a breeder of registered apbt with peds. Besides its illegal to import apbts to germany. Now I found a breeder who breeds AmStaffs, but the dogs seem to be pitbulls. I...
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    In Wayne D. Brown's book HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER, on pages 25 and 26 he note's that in the late 1930's one of the most important bloodlines of Pit Bulls were the Lightner dogs. He illustrates that in the conventions of 1936 and 1937, there were Lightner dogs of the dark variety...
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    Here are Larr-E, Curl-E, and Lil' Moe. They were hatched right around June 23 right outside my front door. They are baby Robins. Curl-E having a bad hair day The trio: Curl-E is such a big eater and is the boss of the three. Don't mess with my kids!
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    my friend Tia has a female named Aaliyah.... we took her to a ABPT show and she was the biggest dog there huger than all other pits twice the size of the males there but then we took her to a Bully Show and she was one of the smallest dogs there.... she is about 65-70lbs 18-19"head and she seems...
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    Hey anyone have a couple of extra minutes to write up a sentence or two Here is the page if anyone wants to send in any comments about Patcheeno's cover shot on Dog Fancy, the breed and the magazine article about pit bulls. Make sure to mention the July issue so they know why you are sending in...
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    Do you agree with it? If not, why?