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  1. Pictures
    Hey guys! I am so sorry for being so absent. I have been so busy! How has everyone been? I just thought I'd drop by and let ya'll know we were still alive! We slacked off last year. But this year we are going to be getting back into shape! So these photos are the starting condition for Apollo. I...
  2. Pictures
    Just a couple photos of Apollo :) :rofl: He doesn't like the dew in the grass in the mornings. I have never seen a dog who hated to get his paws wet. xD
  3. Pictures
    :) Those floppy ears are doing their job making Apollo uber cute during his zoomie. And here are some other pictures I took. The last one is my absolute favorite. Reminds me of CH Sorrells Sailor.
  4. Pictures
    This was my favorite from today's walk. :) Hope you enjoy.
  5. Pictures
    I was snapping pictures today and this one really caught my attention. He looks like an over gown staffy here LOL
  6. Pictures
    We might actually hit a couple rings for fun. He looks like he is developing into a nice dog. We've also started pull training. Right now light weights and working on him staying focused on the task and not the dogs around him. Here is as close of a natural stack Apollo was going to let me...
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    I am looking for information on the dogs in Apollo's Bloodline. I am making a scrap book of his pedigree and accomplishments for my kids when they get older. His bloodline is Sorrells' and he is bred off Joanie Winchesters Yard. His full name is Tatonka's Apollo. His Sir is Tatonka's XXX and his...
  8. Pictures
    I know I've been absent. Here are some updates.
  9. Pictures
  10. Pictures
    Pictures of Apollo month by month 2mths 3mths 4mth 5mths 6mths 7mths 8mths (started working out)
  11. Pictures
    Just some of my favorite pictures of my baby boy :) DSCN8220 by FoundinShadow, on Flickr DSCN7649 by FoundinShadow, on Flickr DSCN7520 by FoundinShadow, on Flickr DSCN7501 by FoundinShadow, on Flickr DSCN7604 by FoundinShadow, on Flickr DSCN9260 by FoundinShadow, on Flickr DSCN8755...
  12. Pictures
    A couple quick pics of Apollo hes gotten a little bigger
  13. Pictures
    so havent posted any in a wile so thought id update put a few recent pics up these were taken jan 6th. tried to get a few good action shots of Apollo got my truck in the background i think hes been watchin re-runs of shark week again he didnt want to let go of this one i had to real him in...
  14. Pictures
    Heres some random pics of Apollo He's 7 months right now and is filling out pretty nicely. I havn't been doing too much with him besides walking and a little flirting, well not even that since winter hit. I cnt stand the cold! Figuring he's too good for the camera new trick i taught him lol...
  15. Pictures
    Okay I am goin to need some help here. I want a bit of a critique on Apollo I need one from both a bully and a UKC stand point so I am going to need more people in thes thread. I know that his tail is a little extended over his hocks I believe that is a fault, but I need a little more. Thanx...
  16. Pictures
    I havn't have that much time to post pics so here are a few quick shots of apollo. I tried to get some with him on the flirt pole, but the sidekick lx wasn't made for actionshots:flush: Evil eyes lol Get this camera out of my face it was hard to keep him still poor stack lol
  17. Pictures
    So i ordered Apollo collar last wed.. and i just got it in the mail this afternoon and i was so stoked when i saw the package in the box anyways heres a few shots i wish i could have gotten some good action shots but my cam... wasnt designed for that so im gonna have to wait till later this week...
  18. Pictures
    pics of Apollo at 2 1/2 and 3 months at grammas house HUH? So its a stareing contest u want (cuzzins dog penny on right) Why hello Look dad i found a stick Time to get into my truck and go home and it appears that Apollo can keep his eyes open for a picture but my sister on the other hand...
  19. Pictures
    Couple of random pics of Apollo and a little of my sisters pitterpat from today... The old pitterpat lol Apollo and Missy Him and the pitterpat again
  20. Pictures
    15 weeks 17 1/2 weeks about to spring to the door to c who is comin out (sry about the blur had 2 use my phone cuz couldnt find camera) 17 1/2 weeks and a solid 50 lbs thanks for the walk but im gonna sleep for a few hours now
1-20 of 20 Results