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  1. Pictures
    Hello, just wondering what you guys think of Libby. She is 8 months old around 60 pounds. Do you think she is an APT or Amstaff
  2. Pictures
    Hello Terriers Fan , I hope U will enjoy those Pics as Much as I did , and the unfinished drawing..
  3. Pictures
    Here is some Pics Of My first APT Her Name Is Luna and She is Two years Old
  4. Pictures
    Behold the apartment dog...Who by living in an apt. is abused...Cause it's not fair to the dogs you know. BEHOLD THE FACE OF NEGLECT AND ABUSE(snicker) We had to leave a bit earlier then normal,cause some teen with his Brindle showed up. I let him have the area,since Bruno and...
  5. Pictures
    So today,my friend came over,and brought Kush and her ferret Meeko. So my little apt. has a total of 6 animals inside. :/ 1 hamster 1 ferret 3 pits 1 cat Here are some pics~ :P NO MATTER WHAT,Bruno always looks like a tard in his pictures~ We dressed up Kush The ferret made her...
  6. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Well, not mine,but our complex,the Apt. aside from ours. Electrical fire. Stinky. :( Got the animals out ok(dog,cat, hamster) Bruno hammed it up and entertained everyone while we waited to get back inside. Had a group of guys and one girl come up and ask to pet him,they use to have a female...
  7. General Discussion
    Turns out I wasn't exactly wrong. I talked today with an acquaintance(who was there at the time) of the punk kids (the two who were instigating the dog) they actually wanted to train him to fight.(the dog owner will not fight him however, but they are still trying to convince him to) They have...
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I tend to be a lurker and read way more than I post. I'm on 9 or 10 other APBT forums but I find that in a given day, I out read all of the new posts. Just wondering if anyone would mind PMing me with more forums that I might join?!?
  9. General Discussion
    I keep getting asked what kind of dog I have and I have to say lab terrier mix, then the next question is "awww is it a pit?" and when i ask no why they say cause when i hear lab mix my guard goes up... Where the hell are we all supposed to live? I found like 2-3 spots that said its cool but i...
  10. General Discussion
    i was just wondering because they threatned to call the dog pound and take my dog away if i dont get her away from the apt complex.....im be moving to a house pretty soon with my fiancee, but in the time being its stressing me out
1-10 of 13 Results