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    He was found in a garbage dumpster at a grocery store while working on a job in Chicago.Adopted in Milwaukee.He was according to Foster parent around 3 months October 2015 when I adopted him and he was big for a puppy. Because he was a rescue the foster parent and original dog pound had no clue...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey guys... How are you all doing? So here it is. Ive been offered a FREE Dogo Argentino! This friend of a friend owns 2 Dogos and she just had a baby, she can no longer take care of two dogs and a baby, so shes getting rid of one of the puppy (male-8months). Up to date on shots, house...
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    My Girls are included in the contest s if anyone wants to vote the link is here: Dogo Argentino Society International Forum - February Dogo of the Month It is just a friendly vote for bragging rights. I wont say to vote for my girls....just vote if you like one of the dogos.
  4. General Discussion
    Any one own a dogo argentino. Are they considered part of the pitbull family?
  5. General Discussion
    My friend who plays in the band with me at church is from Buenos Aires. He has a friend who breeds Dogos. Supposedly the guy is allowed to deliver dogs internationally and will be coming here to visit Tito soon. I have to check it out and make sure everything is legit with him....but is anyone...
  6. Pictures
    HI FROM PUERTO RICO I am glad to present my female dogo argentino bahia del chamical. I hope you liket. this breed is joust like the pit but in a larch sise.
1-6 of 7 Results