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  1. Pictures
    My oldest two boys are camera shy but my youngest two always want me to take their pic with Ariya lol.
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    I have been researching Ariya's pedigree and found out that in her bloodline is GR CH Adams & Crutchfield's Art Rom. I know its far back but I thought that was pretty cool. Below is how I got to that: Adams & Crutchfirleds Art Rom Tarber's Bear Flapjack Sugar bear Tabers Bear...
  3. Pictures
    As soon as the dog came on tv Ariya started watching lol...
  4. Pictures
    Hello everyone! I have been amazed at how beautiful everyones dogs are. I been viewing this site for awhile so I decided to post a pic of my girl Ariya. In these pics she is 12 weeks. She is 14 weeks now so I plan to take a few more and post them.
1-4 of 4 Results