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  1. Pit Bull Legal News
    Read more about the 13 Dogs Who Have Mastered the Art of Resting Bitch Face at PetGuide.com.
  2. Pictures
    Starting to draw and paint commissions again as I'm trying to save up money. Here's a few that I've done.
  3. ART

    Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
  4. Products / Services
    Hey all........... I draw and now that I have space, I am pickin up the time to put pencil to paper. I will add more art as time goes there are a couple of items open to the public there now. Mainly I offer to draw a portrait of people and animals or just animals in realism, using...
  5. General Discussion
    Came across this interview with ed.crenshaw very interesting take on paper hanging and especial on the lightner, colby and a few other peoples dogs and pedigrees. Quite bad quality but i think its worth the listen.... here is the link, enjoy for the ones who haven't heard it..
  6. Pictures
    So in an attempt to draw some funds for our ADBA club I have done some art work to raffle and auction. Since we haven't advertised them I thought I would see what you guys thought. THis first one is Greenwoods CH Stryder, This one sold at ADBA convintion in the EBA auction for A nice lil...
  7. Pictures
    Digital drawing Paintings Colored/graphite pencil
  8. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    OK, so here's the deal, i draw. i dont do it for a living i just do it for fun. but this last month both of my paychecks were short. so i am posting up a couple of my drawings for sale. i really hate to see em go cuz i put so much work into them, but at the moment my house is more important...
  9. Pictures
    Might as well do this.....here's a thread for all my art and my WIP's as well. What I use is Open Canvas, MS Paint, a mouse or a 5x7 Wacom Graphite Tablet ALL Images are copyrighted to ME
  10. Pictures
    My latest drawing.....this is my first finished drawing in almost a year....I'm SUPER lazy I think it came out alright, I've done better.....but not bad for trying to shake off an art block
  11. Pictures
    Alright, so Monday i wanted to draw a Jaguar, i've been considering having original felines as characters too. (The mythical ones are purposely oversized and normality isn't a sin) So i drew the background yesterday, in my opinion, it could be better. But i guess a lot of things can need...
  12. Pictures
    Bring Me to the Forbidden Well, here it is my first piece that has an actual background. I already see faults...but pushing that aside. This took two weeks, but i don't think that it'll take as long with future pieces. This piece features Espadon (character sheet coming soon). He...
  13. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Hello everyone. :) I was drawing Rascal this morning and i really wanted to show someone his work in progress stage....but the thing is i don't have anyone to show it to but you guys. I don't often show unfinished works because i believed that you all wouldn't be interested, but i noticed lately...
  14. Pictures
    Aireal commissioned me! She requested her precious Cheza, and here she is! :) If you'd like some art let me know. Isn't she a gorgeous Pibble? Thanks for looking! :woof:
  15. General Discussion
    Going to the bathroom in two feet of snow, LOL. He walks around in a big circle in one spot, that way he can stomp down the snow, so when he goes pee or poo he isn't going on himself. :clap::clap: My boy is so smart. ;)
1-15 of 54 Results