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  1. General Discussion
    i never thought throwing money at a problem would solve it. but the idea of throwing money in the right direction has me thinking now. we all know BS legislation is not the answer because dogs are not the problem. people are. and there are laws already in place that have not / can not be...
  2. Schutzhund
    Siren is getting ready for her tracking and is working on her article indication. This video was a few days ago and now we are ready to add them to her track tomorrow. Basically she needs to indicate she found the article and she will do this by downing when she finds it. We are just working on...
  3. Obedience Training
    Siren is learning sent articles for utility for and we just started a few days ago. I will have to find a video of a dog doing it, it is going to be a lot of work but in the end worth it. I really want to get a UT title on her. If anyone is working on Obed titles and wants to learn let me know...
  4. General Discussion
    Chihuahua Mix Attacked By Coyote, Saved By Pit Bulls - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver Let's pray there's more good news tomorrow.
  5. General Discussion
    Historic Pitbull Magazine Covers http://www.pitbullmuseum.org/pag_html/collection.html Check out all of them!!!
  6. BSL Discussion
    City enforces pit bull ordinance, two animals put down Associated Press ROSEDALE, Miss. - Two pit bulls that were taken into custody under the county's pit bull ordinance have been euthanized, officials said. The dogs were found penned on Rosedale city property. Rosedale is one of many cities...
1-6 of 8 Results