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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Hello everyone, I'm little new to this site, but I'm trying to figure out if anyone else has issues with canine solar dermatitis with their pitties. Athena will break out in what looks like hives ( an vet says it's solar dermititis). They will disappear and then show up again even if I have...
  2. Pictures
    This is Athena she is 10 months old now but in this picture she was 7 months old. Waiting to get my other pit bull puppy when my friends dog has her puppies.
  3. Pictures
    Athena is three months and two days old and 19.3 pounds [/URL
  4. Pictures
    Athena Five Weeks- Six pounds, she had to be taken away from her mom [/URL][/IMG] Six Weeks [/URL][/IMG] Seven Weeks [/URL][/IMG] Eight Weeks [/URL][/IMG] Nine Weeks [/URL][/IMG] Ten Weeks- Sixteen pounds healthy and happy [/URL][/IMG]
  5. General Discussion
    Anyone have any ideas on what kind of style might look best on my pup? Also, I didn't recieve her with the most information so any guesses on age? We were thinking about 3 months in this picture, she happens to be much larger than her sister now though an has grown quite a bit. She's a bout 28...
  6. Pictures
    Just some pics of my Athena @ 7months. 70+lbs....people in my neighborhood have nicknamed her Bobble head. I feed BlueWilderness puppy, a raw egg /week, Nupro Supplement daily as guided on package and an occasional multi-vitamin.
  7. Pictures
    Athena is coming home from the shelter 10am tomorrow. Visited her today and took a couple of pics....woulda visited her every day until they released her. Now Samson is mine and Athena is Alexanders (my 16 yr old son)
  8. Pictures
    The lil dungle dogs lol. Im still trying to find out what the brown dog is its sposed to be a pit/bulldog/ some kind of mastiff.
  9. General Discussion
    It's been crazy hot this summer. For the last month or two it's been upper 90's with crazy humidity (I woke up one morning at 0600 and it was 85F with 91% humidity! :mad:). Because of the heat, Athena has been UBER bored!!! It's just been too hot to use the flirt pole or be out for any...
  10. Pictures
    Here's a couple pics from the other day. Hard to believe she's gonna be a year on 27 May! Gonna have to take a bunch of pics on that day! "Mom, it's really a little too deep for me to lay down in!" Sunbathing! Her stomach got a little pink! LOL!
  11. Pictures
    Been gone for a little while. Life just seems to find a way to get in the way. Well, 16 year old daughters that think they are 26 find a way to get in the way but I digress. LOL! Anyways......had Athena out the other day playing with the hose. She goes after it just as intently she does the...
  12. Pictures
    I've got a few threads scattered around showing Athena growing up so I thought I'd compile them in here and add from here on out. Might have seen some of them already but hope you enjoy nonetheless. Athena just turned 8 months this past week. I think she is turning out to be one beautiful...
  13. Pictures
    Had to take a video to show what happens when we get the hose out. As soon as I grabbed it all the other dogs bolted except Athena. She loves the hose! Notice Duke comes in at the end as soon as the hose is turned off. LOL!
  14. Pictures
    Here's just a few updates of Athena with a couple of the others mixed in. When we first got her at about 12 weeks old. From a few weeks ago. Surveying the area in her spot. LOL! Athena and Smudge sharing a log. Yes, I was there supervising. ;) Athena and my son, Sebastian. Taken...
  15. General Discussion
    Just like the title says. Came home from work today and found out my 7 year old son taught Athena something new today. All the dogs were sleeping, except Athena. She wanted to play. So my wife tells Sebastian to try and teach her something. Too keep the story short, he taught her to fetch...
  16. Health & Nutrition
    OK, what, if anything, can I do to stop this? It doesn't matter if I feed her by herself or not. She INHALES the food. And it's not because I'm under feeding her. She looks good. Could it be she feels like she still has to compete for food since we just took her from her mom and siblings a...
  17. General Discussion
    Went over to our friends house. She adopted Athena's brother. Neither of them had seen each other since they left their mother. The introduction didn't go off so well. Himars (brother) tried sniffing her rear. Athena said, "Heck no you ain't sniffing me!!!" LOL!!! She sat with her butt on...
  18. General Discussion
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been a rough week!!! First, for those that don't know, Athena is my 12 week old Bully. Well, wife was getting a shower and I had stepped in to the bathroom for a second. Wife asked my son, 7, to make sure she didn't go under the bed (yeah, I know...
  19. General Discussion
    ..................has been a major pain in the arse!!!! Obviously, my wife and I know the signs to look for when she needs to go. So we scoop her up or get her to go outside. She can be outside for an hour or two, go once or twice, and then come right back in and pee or :poop: !!!!:mad: She...
  20. General Discussion
    It sounds worse than it is but it really caught me by surprise. My wife, daughters and myself were watching a movie in the living room. My son was watching a movie in his sister's room. All the dogs were passed out on the living room floor with us. Well, my son's movie ended and he came out...
1-20 of 32 Results