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  1. Pictures
    :woof:from different times.. atlas is three now hanging out at the bar...
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    some ramdom pics:flush:
  3. Pictures
    Out on a walk with the dogs. decided to take some pics.. old funny pic :rofl:
  4. Pictures
    atlas at the park(6 months old)[/URL][/IMG]
  5. Pictures
    :woof:Still trying to work getting some better action pics..
  6. Pictures
    THE REAL ATLAS! playing in the back yard
  7. Pictures
    4 1/2 months
  8. Pictures
    Some pics of Atlas at the dog park..He got a new toy and just wanted to play fetch with it..Also there are some pics of Asher the blue pit i found in the summer like when it was 110 outside ..You can see how skinny he was and how good he looks now..Asher found a good home and is well taken care of
  9. Pictures
  10. Pictures
    Just a couple of pics of Atlas and friends.
  11. General Discussion
    Atlas is now almost 11 months..I have noticed that he does not have a strong drive. He does not like to tug on a rope toy. I tried the spring pole but liking it. He does like to chase and stalk birds..I just wanted to know if it will ever develope..Still he is a good boy..
1-11 of 11 Results