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  1. Pictures
    We had a blast on Sunday at Working Pit Bull Central. Leri had a friend bring out a Lure Coursing machine. None of your dogs have ever tried lure coursing before, but they picked up on it real quick. I don't know who had more fun the dogs or the owners. If you have have a chance for your dog to...
  2. Obedience Training
    Okay, the neighbors are thinking about getting rid of their great dane because "he's stupid as a rock". The dog isn't stupid, he just hasn't been given a fair shot at training. Long story short, I offered to work him while I'm outside working my dogs. My only delima is this.... Training the...
  3. Pictures
    I have recently started learning how to make some pics in HDR or what have you. I snapped off this pic of my dog and I used photoshop to make multiple copies in different exposures. Typically with HDR you do it from the camera taking multiple stills of the same shot in different exposures but I...
  4. Pictures
    So I attempted to stack Dosia today just for fun but he won't stay like I want him when I move back. Here's a few pics any one have pointers or advice for us.
  5. Pictures
    She REALLY doesn't like me to try and stack her, no matter how much I work with her. This is the best I've gotten to date (not without trying :( ) she really just doesn't like me to move things where i want them to be, but we're working on it. anybody have any advice on what I can do to help...
  6. Pictures
    I tried to take all three dogs for a walk and it failed...badly. Worst idea I had in history I took Cree and pig up to Publix and got them out and meeting people. I tried to work on sit stays while I was there. Though, I didnt go more then about 2 or 3 feet from them. Just only to get this shot...
  7. Pictures
    Here's what happened last night when we attemped to take a Christmas photo of Lux and Tweak. I think they're really starting to hate this Christmas Tradition. Here's late years card. Lux's head was too big for the antlers so they broke. With just one antler sticking up he looks like the dog...
  8. General Discussion
    well i got my harness back from stillwater (it needed resized) we did some drag weight with the only thing i could find a 3 lb chain. it dsint bother him at all,didint seem to mind wearing the harness. heres a pic of the aftermath lol
1-8 of 11 Results