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  1. Pictures
    lol we are fostering 8 German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix pups who just turned 4 weeks old...its a chore but fun....heres puppy pics KoKo Unnamed for now Miss Thang Lady Pandi (who might be a new member of someone on heres family) Dreamer Fancy and last but not least the only...
  2. BSL Discussion
    What are the laws for the rest of you aussies'? tassie has just brought in the restricted breed laws. . . the local dog ranger has threatend to blood test slash at my expense and if she is pure bred pitbull i have to follow the resticted breed laws I'm hoping he doesn't force the issue. . ...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi..just trying to see if theres any aussie members on here with any redboy/jeep lines,as i'm looking to breed a litter from my bitch before i get her fixed..thanx for taking the time to read this..hope you all have a great day!
1-3 of 12 Results