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    LOL I feel so bad for her that she has to tolerate this bully puppy! Bogart is such a little prick for real HAHAHAHA!! AVA puts up with him though anyway here are some fun shots of the brats playing around. It's so nice that these 2 are getting along I hope it lasts one can only dream right? LOL
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    this is Ava, I rescued her from a trailer park where she was tied up on a short chain and used for breeding for 2.5 years or so of her life. She has a much better life and is around ppl who care about her! it was probably the best decision of my life rescuing her, she is an absolute sweetheart...
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    So Ava seems to be taking well to little bogart .. He can be a little pain in the a** But she seems to not mind playing with him. I think bogart just loves having a girlfriend twice his age lol ...:snog: So here they are
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    I am happy to introduce my newest addition AVA the daughter to Marty's AKA and Finale. Ava is 3 years old and was given to me by Marty because he could no longer care for her. She has been a joy to own thus far and with a little fixing up will be a great representation of her parent's. I have...
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    Remember me telling about my past dogs? -probably not. Hehe, but anyway here's my old AmStaff. She was a BIG girl. Rest in peace old girl.The handsome boy you see there is Tyson, my significant other's bother's pittie youngster. I love that dog. I offered him a lot of money and he won't budge...
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    this is the dewlap I was talking about. I am trying to get rid of that extra skin under his neck. Anyone know any exercises or anything I can do to trim that fat.
1-7 of 7 Results