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    This Pit Bull's Dance Moves Put Some Humans to Shame
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    I had some concerns about two of cameras deciduous teeth. One was dead and just kind of flopping around but would not come out even when I yanked on it, and the other one is still very tight and the permanent tooth is about 1/8 exposed already. I stop by the vet this morning to have him take a...
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    well bred. highly trained. loyal and brave. i love this story! Sniffing For Bombs: Meet America's most elite dogs - 60 Minutes - CBS News
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    So this used baby wipe is actually telling people to start their own kennels. One the homepage to his site he has "HOW TO START A PITBULL KENNEL" highlighted and in bold followed by "START YOUR PITBULL KENNEL NOW!" which takes you to "PITBULL BREEDING INFORMATION" where he very responsibly...
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    My friend's most recent blog post: HELEN KELLER COULD SEE WHAT WONDERFUL PETS PIT BULLS MAKE. HERS WAS NAMED 'SIR THOMAS.' | Yonah Ward Grossman :doggy:
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    Just received a new shipment of elk antlers in! Get them now as we have great prices that will be hard to beat for the size! http://www.nutra-9.com/Bones-Chews-and-Bullysticks/Elk-Antlers/ And we are shipping them FREE!
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    I remember when I first brought my new puppy home. My uncle who isn't at all an animal guy had nothing but negatives to say, "aren't those dogs killers?". He asked me that question at least 20 times. Of course he was never pleased with my answer and would bring up how "those dogs" are always on...
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    I really liked this. Except for the very very end part with the wolf.
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    Logan testing the Dog Powered Scooter: Extended Cut - YouTube
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    Awesome article I thought I'd share with GPB.. And look what's on the front page :) War veterans find peace of mind with pets - CBS News Play CBS News Video (CBS News) For too many veterans, the battles don't end when they come home from war. Combat stress has no easy cure. But one vet...
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    Hi guys I had a flea infestation in my house, and I scoured online for the best way to kill fleas, and I honestly really did not want to resort to a chemical alternative, and in my search I came across this thing called food-grade diatomaceous earth. It's been about five days since I sprinkled...
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    So we went to this pet expo today,and they gave out these free posters! I snagged 2 extra(1 if my mom doesn't want one) so if anyone wants it,if ya pay for the tube I can ship ya it. :3
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    Just want to thank everyone who gave me tips and advice and took the time to do that thanks again
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    I hand stitched it and I am super happy with how it turned out! I didn't find any cute ruffle which uoset me so it isn't all that special besides it being hand made and from the heart. Not to mention it is super soft and warm! I hope my sister doesn't snub her nose up at it because of the...
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    I love getting action shots of my girl. Shes really starting to get a nice build.
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    Pitbull Saves Two People I came across the above link on a StumbleUpon rampage earlier today, and Steve needed a walk so I am just getting around to posting this. It is a "Pet Spotlight" news piece about a stray pitbull who saved a woman and her child (whom he had never met) from an attacker. I...
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    In a phone call to Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, President Obama expressed his appreciation over the decision to give Michael Vick a second chance. "The president wanted to talk about two things, but the first was Michael,'' Lurie told Sports Illustrated's Peter King. "He...
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