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    Well....after a couple weeks...they are FINALLY getting along. My big guy Maximus was a bit intolerant of Miss Angelica and all of her energy at first...but now he's like a puppy again :) Just when I thought it was impossible to wear out ONE pitbull...I went and got another...LOL....It took me...
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    Just wanted to share some pics of my babies! Izzy my daughter Emberleigh and her "og" she cant quite get the d sound yet. lol she loves her "og" lmao all my blue kiddos. Jack the cat, Izzy, and Tyson Emberleigh being silly
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    This is Tyson. These pics are when he was right at a year old. He's now a year and a half This is our new little girl. My boyfriend saved her and her sister a few days ago. She has no name yet. any suggestions are welcome this is the 2 of them sleeping. we are trying to find a...
  5. The Family Room
    I found some great video's on youtube, I was thought how to swim like this when I was about 4 months. I was able to dive down and pick up rings before I could walk! I also went on to have a successful swim career and if I was smart I would have tried for the Olympics, that's ok I hope my son is...
  6. The Family Room
    Some of you know my son had to have surgery today on his wrist. He had a large mole they wanted to remove and said this was a perfect age to do it. He had to go under Anastasia since he is only 7 months so i was a little worried. Everything came out perfect and he is just fine! He has a bandage...
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    Soooo cute.
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    So We have to bribe storm with peanut butter to get pictures of her! Needless to say in the second picture she was NOT HAPPY with us! LOL! Rebles eyes are looking gorgeous! Their like a sea green. Xena got her ears done, and is looking awsome!! :)
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    Ok, you guys, I needed cheering up,and I found this. So cute! Bud sadly, these kids dance better then I ever will. LOL~
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    My newest additions!!! This is the biggest colby litter I've had, ever!! There were 12 in all, with 10 surviving!! I'm just waiting, impatiently for them to start walking around!! They are 2 weeks old!! This is daddy... Willy .... Here is momma... Bodie ... Here are the girls...
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    Just some newer pics of my babies since I haven't been on here in forever! My sweet baby boy Tank Tank swimming with his new life jacket :) Splashing around Tank is trying to be as brave as Daisy, his first time in the water! Daisy pouting because of the long car ride
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    Hello People, Im new to this...so Im just looking for meeting people with pitbulls around the Long Beach area....Hit me up to chat or whatever
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    not my litter. jeep sorrels redboy these are off garry's "BellaRoo" and Garry's "big black" I just like baby puppies these are 1 day old there and 2 days now. Bella is my Pearl's half sister
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    I'm sooo proud of this litter, can't wait til they get in the ring!! They are 4 weeks old in these pictures, but will be 6 weeks old on Sunday!! Waited 5 years for these babies to happen. 7 boys, thats right... NO females! They are off my CH Maggie bred back to her son Jimbo!! These two...
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    well yesterday drove george n lacey about an hour north plus traffic to get fixed, flea medicated, vacc'd n chipped for $5 a dog... i was really happy about it but when i picked em up they were not happy :( lace didn't even eat dinner last night n my shadow girl was parked on her doggy bed all...
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    just a couple new ones for you all.... this is my sisters new pup, Buck, after a long day :) and here is a video of Boomer and my niece, they had only klnow eachother a day or so before i took this. wish i had more pics but i've been slackin :( quick edit: turn your volume down unless you...
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    The 15 day old girls seem to be camera shy... whereas the boys are just hamming it up!! Yeah split litter! 5 and 5!