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  1. General Discussion
    Well I have started back at work and my mom has stepped in to help with the kids and dogs when I am gone { more kids then dogs lol} I don't get her to do anything with any of the dogs as I have certain ones who don't get along and the whole crate rotate system I don't expect her to get nor would...
  2. Pictures
    whats that? a phone? oh well, i dont want it. good you cant have it! MY EARS STAND UP!:clap: you done taking picz yet?
  3. General Discussion
    :confused:My daughter has gone to a sitter in her home for one yr now. She is not going for the summer. My sitter got a pitbull puppy (6 wks. old) yesterday. I have researched the bredd and know they can be good with children with proper training and socializing. My fear is that he will not...
1-3 of 3 Results