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  1. Pictures
    Just turned 4........and many more! You've really matured into a damn fine bulldog.
  2. Pictures
    Badger and Rooster: OFRN
  3. Pictures
    It's hard to believe a year went by so fast, let's hope there's many more! :)
  4. Pictures
    Finally we had some nice weather! :)
  5. Pictures
    "I may have a red nose, but don't you dare call me Rudolph!" P.S. I hate antlers! :)
  6. Pictures
    Here's my little turd at the local park. He's 14 1/2 weeks old, almost 17 inches tall, and 25 pounds. Lots of ears, tail, and legs. LOL!!!
  7. Pictures
    Some snaps of Badger on a nice autumn day, and one pic of him in silent meditation.
  8. Pictures
    Enjoy the pictures of my devilish angel!
  9. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I just got back from the vet and Badger passed the examination with flying colors, gulp! I thought that he would, but until you have a vet listen to the heart, lungs, feel the joints, feel for hernia, etc. and have this vet tell you that your pup is OK, it's still a little scary...
  10. Pictures
    I am posting this message and pics for Christian as he has his hands rather full right now with the new addition. _______________________________ Saint Francis: GP's own Saint Francis and Badger :) Here are two American BAD A$$E$ and their owner ;):cool:
  11. Pictures
    His everyone! I haven't been able to draw for the past few days due to certain things. But all is well now. This is Badger, Rascal's friend. Go ahead and read about him! Badger The American Akita Description : Badger is a light tan brown, with cocoa powdered markings. Personality ...
1-14 of 15 Results