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  1. Pictures
    Here's my 1st dog and he's the best . super clingy . listens very well . not aggressive at all I absolutely love his company. Soon with in the next couple weeks I plan on clipping his ears ?
  2. Pictures
    For those who are newer this is Bailey Boo. She is a retired NKC Weight Pull GRCH. She came here after her pull career to live the life as a relaxed family dog. I got her so that my daughters had a dog that they could practice with. Bailey knows what she is doing so she teaches them lol. Out...
  3. Pictures
    Where does time go ? Bailey turned 2 oct. 22
  4. Pictures
    We picked her up Sunday from a breeder in VA shes 7 weeks old:D Pictures are of first day mostly napping and meeting my 2 1/2 year old
  5. General Discussion
    Yeah I went in my room and she was laying there with my glasses but I can only find one lens and all the chewed up ends and the frame . the glasses dont matter so im not mad , just worrie about her How can I tell if she ate it ? I read on some site that I could feed her bread ?
  6. Pictures
    So this past weekend Krystal (KG420) and I headed to LA to hang with Doug (ElvisFink), and Lisa (PK). I picked up Spock ( Monsoon X Siren) and Bailey! Spock is a WP dog for my Husband and Bailey has come just to retire and babysit. She already took to the kids and had more interest in them...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    UGH! I hate it when dogs are in pain! Bailey is lame in her front and we cannot figure it out really. She could hardly walk earlier in the week on the left front. At first it looked like her elbow but now I am thinking pastern. There is nothing in her dog run to get hurt on so I have no clue...
  8. Pictures
    I havent been on this site in a while but im back now, i just wanted to show some pics of my dog bailey... she was a few months old last time i was here . Even though there was some very harsh things said to me, it helped me learn more about being a responsible owner,so thank you :roll: ...
  9. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I felt like a gluten just reading the recipe! But boy do these sound yummy!!! Guinness Cupcakes With Bailey's Frosting Recipe - Food.com - 360499 Cupcakes 1 cup unsalted butter 1 cup Guinness stout 2/3 cup Dutch-processed cocoa powder, sifted 1 cup light brown sugar 1 teaspoon table salt...
  10. Pictures
    Hey Y'all! It's been a long time since I posted any current pic's, so I just found a couple. She has gotten so big, and so has her heart. There isn't an animal around that she doesn't like! She and my Parrot Sammy are roommates and she absolutely loves her! Thanks for lookin! :woof:
  11. Pictures
    she is getting so much bigger!
  12. Pictures
    here is my puppy bailey.she is a 7 week old apbt.
  13. Pictures
    On Oct 9th just 4 days before I had Justin my business Sponsored the 3rd annual Pit Bull Day in our city. We did Agility and WP demos and had a blast! Monsoon and Bailey did WP and Vixen and Tempest did the Agility Demos. Bailey really like the audience and kept pulling the cart to the fence...
  14. Pictures
    She has grown so much, I just can't believe. She is excelling in her Novice Obedience course, and such a pleasure to be around, even my parrot adores her, reflected with these sloppy kisses! lol :woof: Thanks everyone for making this the BEST pitbull forum on the net!
  15. General Discussion
    Yesterday Bailey and her brother went to the Doggie Beach @ Ft. DeSoto. Then Autie April decided we had too much Chinese and Bacardi to drive home so it was gonna be a sleepover too. They slept in the same crate, 'pigpile' style, and had the most wonderful family reunion you could imagine. The...
  16. Pictures
    Ok so my camera does not take good video but this is Bailey pulling in her new Harness by Tablerock. View My Video
  17. Pictures
    She is so darn nosy!! lol I took these a few weeks ago when we first moved in and she just sat there and stared at me and trying to see what I was writing on GP about! :rofl: Do you need help?
  18. Weight Pulling
    I am getting nervous thinking about Bailey's first WP. It is in a few weeks and I have been trying to get her in shape with her drag sled (thank you Tablerock) and she has been doing good and I think we have a great relationship. When she gets tired and I need her to do one last pull and dig...
  19. Pictures
    Went to Ft. DeSoto Dog Beach today. We didn't go off leash though because there are no fences... She didn't mind one little bit tho - and swims like the fishes. I think quite possibly, it was the BEST DAY of her puppy life! :woof:
  20. Pictures
    The Mansfield Hollow Damn in Mansfield, CT. It's a great place for hiking/fishing/bike riding. A great place for you to bring your dog if you live in CT. My two girls!!
1-20 of 38 Results