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  1. Pictures
    Some pictures of my baby, Gator, I was hoping to get some of yall's opinions on his conformation. He's only six months old, 18" tall and 50lbs; bloodline is Razors Edge. It was our first time trying to take stacked pictures of him, so they're not super great, but I figured they were good enough lol
  2. Pictures
    Anddd... He likes her :D Francis " whats that hanging in between your legs? No other boys here have those?" *giggle* This is his serious face:D Ace" I might bit you but I am not quite sure" Ok we are friends lets watch this car
  3. Conditioning
    I have tried cowhide and rope. Rambeaux loves the cowhide but only when its off the pole. When I put it back up he is uninterested. Am I doing anything wrong or do I need to find a better bait?:confused: Any tips would be extremely helpful. Thanks gang!
  4. General Discussion
    Hello, I don't have a pit bull and never have but am trying to "help" someone who does have one. She believes the dog was a bait dog. Here is the link about the dog Justice for pebbles! She lives on a farm and does not have a computer there and wants me to find her info on bait dogs. Can...
1-4 of 4 Results