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  1. General Discussion
    Hi all. Wondering if anyone can suggest a good durable ball, or other chew toys. My dog loves to play fetch, but destroys every thing she gets. She even tears through the Kong extreme balls. I only give it to her when we play ball, but she still kills them. I get about a week out of the Kong...
  2. Obedience Training
    As some of you may know, we have been keen to play fetch with Zik for a few months. We got a tennis ball launcher and we have been paying fetch for a few weeks. The only issue we have had is that he does not let go the ball once he gets it. We have to pull it out of his mouth and this defeats...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey fellow dog lovers, we have a problem. Rocky LOVES having a ball to play with. It's his favorite thing! That being said Rocky has a bit of a problem. I say bit cause he's really very good about it. We have been getting him for years the Black Kong for his size as well as the black kong...
  4. General Discussion
    My dog is obsessed with balls, he wont eat or drink of he has a ball. I have to take it away everyday so he can eat drink and sleep. If he has it, he wont go to sleep untill he falls asleep while sitting up and chewing on it. When I take it away, he gets anxious. He will pace back and forth...
  5. General Discussion
    Dog Breed Discrimination: MLB Mark Buehrle Pit Bull Ban | Global Animal MLB Pitcher & Pit Bull Thrown Curve Ball November 15, 2012Carmen Iben Carmen Iben, Global Animal This Tuesday, a blockbuster trade in Major League Baseball sent pitcher Mark Buehrle to Canada, but he and his dog might...
  6. Pictures
    I'm transporting a little Cattle dog mix lookin' guy for a rescue. I'll be heading out tomorrow but the shelter was closed tomorrow so I picked him up today and he'll be hanging with us over night. He ran around and played with the flirt pole for a bit and is now chilling in Alice's large crate...
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Has anyone here ever fed them if so what was the outcome .. Izzo and I are going to start picking up her workouts soon and I want something that will help her keep her energy and build muscle . I was told about satin balls .. How long do they keep in the freezer and you dont feed them frozen do...
  8. Pictures
    I thought some were about due, so I took some out in the yard today. She's getting in shape again! (I had to lay off physical activity for a bit until my blood sugar got more under control and the dogs gained a bit) I played with her and her favorite ball, and some tug at the end. I try to do...
  9. Pictures
    I have tooken a couple pictures, an decided to wait til i got a decent amount to share and i did so here they are, enjpy Mr goof ball and miss diva :rofl: Mr. Goof ball.. LOL when i wrestle with him, i like to throw the covers on him an watch him go crazy to get it off weee this is fun...
  10. Pictures
    He's a few pics from yesterday of my little man and D playing fetch. I has ball Drop it :rofl::rofl: Dosia your my best friend :hug: Thanks for looking
  11. Adopt a Bulls
    This boy is stunning, they rescued him from death row in NY. The pics don't do justice he is brolic, strong front and very nice rear. We are tallking about a dog that hasn't been exercised or fed right and he looks this good. Amazing temperament from what I saw came and tried and to sit on my lap.
  12. General Discussion
    I'm in bad need of either a better tennis ball or a alternative to it. My girl absolutely loves a tennis ball and destroys 1 in about 5 min. if I'm not watching her. Anything I try to give her in its place doesn't work for her. She has a black Kong that she plays with until the treat is gone...
  13. Pictures
    Well i got bear a zany ball from walmart and its motorized so it shakes and rolls. Well i wanted to see what bear thought of it an what his reaction would be an i really don't think he knew what to do :rofl:
  14. General Discussion
    Help anyone my dog tends to go crazy for my sons basketball whenever hes playing ball. He just recently broke out his kennel and snatched the ball biting it, suggestions anyone as to how to curb this.
  15. Pictures
    Nytro loves his fetch... Time to play now mom! Got the ball, got the ball!! Showing off his streamlined look...makes him faster at retrieving ;) and a video of his play time...
  16. Pictures
    LOL bear has to ruine every toy i get him, im starting to think not to get him toys anymore even if some toys were for a $1. Enjoy
1-17 of 40 Results