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    hahaha alright, I finally got a good vid of DWB in the snow, lol It's not very often dad-guy goes and plays with him, lol
  2. General Discussion
    I dont know how many of yall own a Boomer Ball but i would highly suggest getting one. it is practically indestructible which is a good thing bkuz for our dogs its hard to find something that they can play with that they wont destroy in a matter of a few minutes. That being said, i just got...
  3. Pictures
    Zoom! Must...get...ball... Uh...Luna...what do I do with it? Whee! Dis mah ball! You no has! I tol' you...dis MAH ball! Not yours, Noona! Bwahahaha...I won. Why'd you hafta call me back?! You suck, Ma! I can't quite...grrr...get in mah mouf! Such a sexy lil' girl... Gimme...
  4. Pictures
    i got this for Daisy for her birthday.. but Dre has claimed it as his.. lol .. time to buy Daisy a bite toy for her springpole its not the bouncy one, its the 10" hard plastic one.. has a plug to put stuff in it, so i put marbles so it would rattle
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    Thought you guys would enjoy :)
  6. Obedience Training
    ok.. so my dog will not let go of her ball when i try and take it... i've tried everything... its really annoying when playing w/ her flirt pole.. i want her to get it, but i dont because its such a pain getting it back from her... my male drops it no problem, but her... no way.. its hers and...
  7. Pictures
    OK who is the wise guy who hid my ball????? I see where you hid my ball! That isn't funny! Get it down from there now or I will climb up and get it!
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  9. The Pitbull Lounge
    I'm a a huge foot ball fan but these pre season games suck something awful. 12 penalties for the raiders shortly after the half come on. I know its the b list players but geese.
  10. General Discussion
    Well i never really thought too much about fly ball until the other day when nismo way playing with an australian shepherd. the owner was telling me how her dog competed on one of the local teams and just telling me what it actually was. lol. im not going to lie i didnt know. she said Nismo...
  11. Obedience Training
    hi i have a very energetic female pit. she loves t chase that ball, but the second she gets it i cant come within ten feet of her without her gettin up and runnen away so i wont get the ball. she used to come to me and drop the ball when she was much younger but now she just wont let me get near...
  12. Obedience Training
    Hello My 3 year old female Chui is a very submissive and relaxed dog. She has never been aggresive with other dogs however we have one slight problem with her I would like to stop. We have lots of friends with other dogs and they come round all the time and play, Chui will walk with them, play...
  13. Pictures
    she was channel surfin! Gotta put one of Kallie in there ;)
  14. Pictures
    Took some new pictures of my girl. She is 7 mos old as of the 20th of June. She is looking good I think.
  15. Pictures
    duntadada.....drum roll..... okay here it is the first posted video of Peanut playing ball in the yard...enjoy! thanks for viewing:woof:
  16. Pictures
    So thanksgiving morning, we loaded up the pups and took them to the park. There was no one there and we had alot of fun playing togeather. Here are some pictures of the fun. so Angus decided to play king of the hill on my younger brother. LOL this is Blanca after only 5 mins of...
  17. General Discussion
    Dog loses tongue due to toy.. Not APBT The Chai Story
  18. Pictures
    Pay no mind to the pants she pulled into the crate with her. haha..bad dog! :stick:
  19. Obedience Training
    i finally got my new pup sire bluenose...bitch jeep/eli produced prada female very energetic loves to run very fast an loves the ball i want to do other stuff like tug of war an flirt pole but i don't quite understand cud it be she just doesn't like them? a guy in my neighbor hood has pits he...
  20. General Discussion
    hey does anyone know what the name of those large 12-14'' dog balls. ive heard of indestructible balls is there another brand, or are they the only one.
21-40 of 40 Results