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  1. Pictures
    So its officially spring here i guess and after a disagreement with the mower i got most of the yard taken care of, altho it looks like crap still. but it was good enough where the dogs are having fun running around. i got the spring pole out and Banshee promptly broke the spring itself. so no...
  2. Pictures
    So i know im late posting these, but oh well. Banshee didnt place at either show, but that doesnt really matter. we got some good ring time and lots of experience... oh and met some really cool people too! Sportin her new collar from Matt @ XDream Dogs. Saturday with me in the ring, and...
  3. Pictures
    So Banshee is a nut on the spring pole and I had my best friend over so I had a chance to get some good pics of her in action. :thumbsup: How bout some air? Odin is not impressed lol
  4. Pictures
    So Lauren came up for her Birthday over the weekend. Krystal came down as well. We went for some walks and took the dogs to the water! Nicki Nicki and Dosia Banshee Dosia and Serena Dosia, Serena and Banshee Serena Dosia and Banshee Dosia Nicki Odin...
  5. Pictures
    I know everyone wanted more pics of my new lil girl! and although i am anti pink and girly myself... she is so dainty and petite i cant help but let her be girly lol :hammer: so here are some pics of my big blue mutt and my new lil princess :P they seriously steal the darn nylabones from...
  6. Obedience Training
    I really need some help with the female we just adopted, Banshee. I really need some help and direction about her most recent behavior. She has started to portray some HA behavior which really scares me. The main concern is that we live in a house which we rent from my boyfriends grandparents...
1-6 of 6 Results