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  1. Health & Nutrition
    So he started off fine eating in the morning and in the evening. Now he will barely eat a cup in the morning today he didn't touch it. He will always eat in the afternoon. I don't want to feed him once a day i feel like that's too much in one sitting. Is this something i should be concerned...
  2. Positive Pitbull News
    picture with org. article: Tahoe Shakespeare festival produces unlikely star: pit bull that barely escaped euthanasia RENO, Nev. - This summer's Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival has produced an unlikely star: a deaf pit bull named Michael who narrowly escaped euthanasia. In this undated photo...
  3. General Discussion
    i need help on findin a name for SANDY....any ideas
  4. General Discussion
    well 1 of my pits doesnt want to eat as much as she used too.could you guys give me any advice
1-4 of 5 Results