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  1. Pictures
    Kahne got to spend the day at Fenway while I worked an event for my friends company :) I got to snap a few shots before they opened up to the public for the game. Hope you enjoy. Kennedy a pup up for adoption: Photobucket really messes with the quality of these pictures :(
  2. Pictures
    In June, I took Kane to Bark at the Park at our local baseball stadium. We shared a foot-long hot dog, watched our team win, and got some professional pics taken. I'm waiting for the rest of his pics as I'd totally forgotten about them, but here's a teaser that was posted to Facebook.
  3. General Discussion
    In the hood is no good! So check this....I took Bella for a walk to the baseball field about a mile from me so we can play fetch. On my way in the fenced area I see a wooden baseball bat laying next to the trash barrel so I took it. On my way home walking through the city a police car approaches...
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    My beloved Cardinals lost tonight. They had the makings of a 9th inning comeback, but just couldn't do it. What teams are you guys watching this year?
  5. Pictures
    Took Diesel to the Diamond early this morning for some off leash play...gotta get there about 7:00am to get 30-40 minutes of play. This is after the last throw and he is still ready for more. He fetched about 40 throws and is now asleep at my feet and dreaming. A mediocre Cell Phone Video:
1-5 of 6 Results