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  1. Health & Nutrition
    So my pup Bruno turns 9 weeks tomorrow. Is it ok to give a full bath? Should I just whipe him down with a wet rag? Anything I should or shouldn't do, I would buy a puppy shampoo, but don't know if he's too young. Just want to make sure If there's something I need to know about it since he's...
  2. General Discussion
    When is a suitable and safe age to give him his first bath? He's 7 weeks on Wednesday and around 5.5lbs.... Is baby shampoo ok to use?
  3. Health & Nutrition
    How often do you give your pit a Bath????????????????????????????????????
  4. General Discussion
    Wow, it's been a while since i last posted, but things have been sooooooooo great lately with Cairo. tonight was bath night, and still (even after a year of semi-regular bathing rituals), he gets SOOOO NERVOUS about the bath. he still quivers in fear and even pees a little on his bed before...
  5. Pictures
    Not bad for her bad self taking a dunk in the pool! "Gimme mah toy back!"
  6. Pictures
    Muddy dog... and here is his "please, dont put me in the bathtub" face :D
  7. General Discussion
    Hi all, I have a new pup who is just about 5 months old. I am having trouble with her growling in the bath tub so obviously she doesn't like it. She is otherwise a sweet girl. How do I curb this behaviour? This was only her second bath ever. Thanks!!
  8. Pictures
    Here's a few of Dosia gettin all clean and pretty :) Dosia's impersonation of a poodle lol :) Gotta find the ducky All clean and pretty Time for a kong Thanks for looking
  9. Health & Nutrition
    Hi , its been a week since my pups ears have been cropped and i was wondering if its ok to take him a bath to clean his ears as well and pat them dry wit cotton...also how long does it take for the ecollar to be removed? he goes in monday to get the stitches removed
  10. Health & Nutrition
    I tend to keep her clean and I vacuum once every other day, i bathed her everyday for a week because of her flea problems and now the fleas are almost gone, i wonder how often should i bathe her? once a week? she's my first indoor dog since moving from China...i used to bathe my dog in China...
  11. Pictures
    Licking popscicle off Brayden's fingers Construction puppy After a day at the groomer My handsome boy Sleeping with Dad Upside down catfish Taking Dad's temperature
  12. Pictures
    Kilo loves baths so I had to give her one and of course Bella (Chihuahua) had to have one to. heres some pics.. all nice and clean outta the tub :)
  13. General Discussion
    I've read a few posts about having trouble with giving their dogs a bath. I'm sure this will help. First thing to remember is that bath time can be scary for a puppy. The sound of running water or the confinement of the bath tub can make him scared so be patient with your puppy. Fill the tub...
  14. Pictures
    SS850271.flv video by Brandys_BabyJayda - Photobucket
  15. Pictures
    and this happens? Maile will sit next to my tub...and she will whine and bark...and then shell put her front legs up on the tub edge and whine...and then shell try to get her back end in...and then she kind of sloppily gets in. LOL. Its always funny...BUT...itd be SWEET if I could take a...
  16. Pictures
    Ru Ru after her bath..so clean! Zion getting ready to take a bath
  17. Health & Nutrition
    has anyone ever use bath wipes when i was at petco last night getting a brush for apollo i saw bath wipes and thought about getting them because later this week im taking him to get a picture taken with all his brothers and sisters and his mom and dad and i seeing as i just had him neutered i...
  18. Pictures
    Tootsie looks tired after playing with her sisters, especially after her bath.:sleep:
  19. Health & Nutrition
    Just want to know when is it OK to give puppies a bath? Thanks
1-20 of 25 Results