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    We (as in the NW) have been working on promoting more of the OR and WA side of the west coast. Not just CA. So Top Secret Bullies threw a good sized BBQ at a local park in Portland, OR. They paid for food and everything! Lots of kennels and people showed up from CA to upper WA. All in all we had...
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    Hey wassup everyone....whew....just got out that heat...after 3 hours lol...but as I promised I got some good pics...they had a good turnout...alot more that I expected...we had people from El Paso...Odessa...and the whole Texas area...we had a blast!!! Here are a few pics for yall to check...
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    Hello my fello GoPiters.....im Vick as some of you might know owner of Remi.... Im posting this thread because im thinkin of hosti a GoPit meet and greet BBQ at a near by park for us to hang out and chill anybody and their dogs(absolutely NO!!!!! DA's) are welcome its mainly for the Atlanta area...
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    S0 my sister in law had her bday BBQ yesterday and KENYA was on the invitation =] ok mom im waitin in the dark.... time to go yet???? i smell a treat... your trying to bribe me away oh yeah i smell it! oh yeah peanut butter kong mmmmm so tasty... CAN WE GO NOW ok i know its time to...
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    Would be fun to do a bully BBQ with the forum sometime. I doubt I could make anything happen this year but perhaps for next year we would find a good neutral location and invade the camp ground and just get to know everyone and their dogs. Thoughts?
1-6 of 7 Results