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    Hi guys, I live in the Jacksonivlle, Fl area and my question is may I bring my puppy out there with me. I heard about some restrcitions as to what time dogs are allowed on the beach. Are those strictly enforced?
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    Hello everyone I have an 10 week old pup and want his ears cropped. Does anyone know a place that does it around VA Beach area? If i have to drive 4 hours to the destination i would. I found one Vet that does it around here and they Quoted me $800 and I think thats crazy expensive. Ive did...
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    Went to Ft. DeSoto Dog Beach today. We didn't go off leash though because there are no fences... She didn't mind one little bit tho - and swims like the fishes. I think quite possibly, it was the BEST DAY of her puppy life! :woof:
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    A few photos of Lex at the Beach - our home... Well the intercoastal across the street from the beach :D Thanks for looking!! He was a sleepy pup afterward
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    These two are becoming beach bums, heading out there just about every day now. Tyson began doggy paddling today, he's venturing deeper. Glad they love it. Good way to cool off for them, it's a 1.5 mile walk there, ( pretty walk ). These are photos from the last two days, will post a few vids...
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    Just HAD to post this pic! :rofl:
  8. The Pitbull Lounge
    :confused:So I get the great great job of wedding planning.. What Joy.. NOT.. ANYWAYS Does anybody know how Biloxi Beach looks after the hurricanes? I've found pictures online BUT most don't really say if they are from before or after. I don't want to get there and it be a horrible trash...
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    went to the state park today. the girls aren't allowed into the water but at least it's pretty. haha! and my crazy girl from yesterday!
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    Took Enzo to the beach for his first time today. We didnt go in the water too much today since the water was freezing! But he swam like a pro for his first time. Unfortunately I wasnt able to get any pics of him in the water. Enzo met a new friend today. Her name is Enno. She is a 7 month old...
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    so after i decided george and i should take our walk alone yesterday (about a mile long walk with the prong collar for the first time n he learned "heel" ;)) i was loving the nice weather we were having here n asked roomy about any where with water close i could take the dogs- so we went up to a...
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    didnt take them off the leash they are like hoodlums in new places and the section of the beach we were at if patrolled heavily so we didnt want any tickets but heres a few shot of tripp and kimbo sorry they are kinda big
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    A giant stick. He looked so happy to see this tree trunk on the beach. He also thought he was going to move it lol he's such a goofy boy. Hope you enjoy. :)
  14. The Pitbull Lounge
    We never saw a Bald Eagle here before!!!!!! He was looking at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was thinking of taking Zeus @ Carmel by the Beach for weeks now, dogs are allowed to go there with our with out leash and it will be fun to take my friendly pup . He loves to meet new pups and people especially kids he adores children. My question is He's halfway trained and loves to fetch I...
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    Went the beach last week. Nice day for it.
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    Went to the beach today and took some pics....... Cara and Rampage getting used to the water Looks like a stare down Loves to Dig and tear up coconuts Before we left with sand all over them
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    My bf and I took Bixby to the beach in Carmel, CA (a dog-friendly town) along with my parents and their boxer, Lola, on Friday. Lola has been there tons of times but this was only Bixby's second time. They both had a blast! My bf running with Bixby, trying to drain some of his energy...
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    My gf, Nismo, and I decided to go to Long Beach, WA for the weekend for a little vacation before I start school next month. It was about 70-80 degrees down there. It was sooo nice! And since my gf has family that live a mile away from the beach we stayed there instead of wasting money on a...
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    Running through the surf Spook! Monster! Sun-bathing