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  1. Pictures
    YAAAY!! i manged to upload a video of Breeze..lol.. its not long but ohwell..lol..
  2. Pictures
    we made this trip time ago and had the time of our lifes, hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoy the trip, regards....
  3. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    heres some photos of me taking my lady friend to sandiego[actually she took me,lol]we stopped and stayed on sunset strip,no photos,sorry]then went and hung out in venice beach which was cool as stuff!!! Me and legendary street performer,Harry Perry from Perry farrels movie gift,Janet Jackson...
  4. Events, Results & Photos
    Hey Everyone I will be attending this event as I will be weight pulling a few of my dogs. I sure hope to see some of you all there. VIRGINIA HAMPTON ROADS WEIGHT PULL CLUB VIRGINIA BEACH (O) CONF JS TR WPULL May 3; S1 Tim Parr JS GUARD HERD (except BSD); Linda Reece SCENT GUN; Carrianna...