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    I have a 7 week old pit bull female, my aunt has a 4 year old miniature beagle. My last dog " a jack Russell terrier" and the beagle didn't get a long, that fought to the point where my dog had gashes in her neck, I felt it wasn't fair for her to b in a home like this and put her on a farm, well...
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    Look at how cute they are and how sexy Takoda is ;)
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    If you get one from hunting lines, this is what you deal with....or if you get a pup off this butthead, you'll end up this thing!!
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    Here's everyone's favorite Beagle and retarded Labraderp. Excuse how fat Beau is in these, he has a water gut and yes Takoda is really really dirty but oh well and I think she looks quite nice for a Labraderp!
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    Here's some new ones of Beau the old geezer, excuse how fat he is.....he's enjoying being an old cranky Beagle.
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    'm done conditioning Beau. The results are better then I expected and I found it fairly easy this time....all this is hand walking and a great food and just one supplement. He is no where near what an APBT would look like, but for a 9 year old Beagle, I personally think he looks darn good...
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    Just a few random shots, wanted y'all to see how her boobs are finalyl drying up and she is getting more used to the yard. And Orion likes to show off for her, is kinda funny :D And she has taken a shine to the b/f, lol She goes to her new home this week, I am gonna miss her not the...
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    Here's Beau's reaction to people who say he's a Beagle: "Stoopid hoomanz tellz meh Iz notz a Peet Bullzzzz" "Stoopid hoomanz maekz meh madz tellinz meh I iz notz a Peet Bullz!" roflmao roflmao roflmao Hahaha talk about decent timing on my crappy camera phone :D No he's not being...
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    So ummmm yeah...it was hot out and I sprayed Beau down with the hose, as I was feeding him and changing out his water. And well Wet Beagle + Dirt = The magical color changing Beagle!!! roflmao Watch as he changes colors!!! He goes from Tri to Black and tan!!! "I seez a BUG!!" "Yummy Bug!!"...
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    my mom and a pup. my little sister and a pup. they like my pups too they are getting 2 :)
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    and last but not least Izzy the proud mommy
1-12 of 15 Results