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  1. Pictures
    Who needs kids when you have a love like this? Lol jk but how can you say no to this little bugger! @roguepitbull
  2. Pictures
    I went on a picture taking spree! Her spot on the bed, she sits by my head and stares out the window until it's time to come cuddle under the covers: Her "Please don't go to work Mom" face :( Feelin' frisky.... Going to get me... Time to wrestle! A wild Eko appears! Xena is...
  3. Pictures
    Pyra is a jumper, well so is Lucius but she just keeps jumping and jumping till she gets it. Lucius actual uses his brain...he tries to climb the tree or grab the pole of the flirt pole. That is what I put in the tree. The hide is what she is jumping for. :) she is a determined girl...
  4. Agility
    Varro running a small course in class tonight. He went around a jump but that's because he's a dork! we have a problem being a 2 yr old intact male! LMAO His first show is this weekend. Varro running a small agility course - YouTube
  5. General Discussion
    Has anybody heard anything of him being arrested among others?