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    Charlee Bear Meaty Bites Treats: Protein-Packed Superfood Treats Your Dogs Can't Love Enough One thing that most pet parents have in common is that they love giving their pets treats. Treats are great to train our pups (or let them pretend we're training them) as well as just give them a little...
  2. Pictures
    New to this is he a standard, micro American bully
  3. Pictures
    Hey everyone, thought i would pop in and share a quick video of bear reacting to a smoke detector. Both he and cali are doing great and i will have pictures soon to share :)
  4. Pictures
    I took bear to a park near my house, its huge an love watching him run around. I took him there twice, morning an evening, i took this pic before we headed home :) His ears are not cropped, he had them laid back
  5. Pictures
    over the summer i have been working with bear and his recall. I took a short video of him and he loved running around, seeing him with a big smile. He dose have an ecollar on and i only used the vibrate mode once.
  6. Pictures
    I haven't posted a video in a while, so here is one of bear being goofy
  7. Pictures
    Today May 13th my boy turned 4. Took a few pictures of him :) I did take a few pictures of Cali as well so i will add them :)
  8. Pictures
    I won Bear a new collar for his B-day that is coming up on may 13th. I know its early but that's ok lol. Its a 2" Knight Templar from Bully Mart, i also have another collar that i recently won for Cali, its a BSL collar but pictures have to wait until i get the collar :)
  9. Pictures
    Here are some updated pics of bear since I haven't posted much of him, Cali seems to always steal the show lol,
  10. Pictures
    Video showing how well bear learning his sit stay's. We are working on it and I will make it more advance, but he's doing really good with distance work. This summer, we are going to work on it more til I can be very far from him,
  11. General Discussion
    My newest addition Bear chillin with my 6 month old presa pup. Bear is from UKC gr ch rudy and UKC gr ch Xena mostly Gaff bloodline
  12. Pictures
    I got a quick video of bear showing his personality, I love this guy
  13. Pictures
    want to share my 3 yr old boy Bear :) what do you think of him? He is a pet not a show dog :) I Love his eyes, his best feature
  14. Pictures
    So I got some awesome pics of my crew and i cant help but share some pics of Bear...I cannot believe he is still here and not in a new home! he is adorable and so so smart...crazy smart. He knows sit, come, lay down, speak and was house trained in 2 days! Ok so first up is my girl Alexa...shes...
  15. Health & Nutrition
    So bear broke his leg on our coffee table today chasing after my daughter. So today was crazy running him around to find out I have to come up with $550 before Monday uhhhh. Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  16. Pictures
    wanted to make him his own thread :P heres golden boy
  17. Pictures
    Love this guy! Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  18. Pictures
    Little captain awesome! Lol He's 12 weeks tomorrow. :) Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
1-18 of 80 Results