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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    I just recently found out that my new dog is RE (Razors Edge). I found the former owner and had him sign my ADBA certificate. He actually lives like a mile away so it turner out good. Back to the reason for posting. I know everyone labels RE dogs bullies, but after doing research at RAZORS EDGE...
  2. The Pitbull Lounge
    This happened a couple of weeks ago over in my home country which is Wales :) and its now all over the internet. This is what men in drag do to drunken thugs who pick a fight with them. BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Cage fighters' stag night web hit Cross Dressing Cage Fighter Video: Yobs Floored...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Ok so my little Kane is about 12 weeks old now, and I want to get him on a good quality kibble. Money is not to big of a deal, please someone point me in the right direction. I am VERY active with my dog, we have started puppy class and protection class and I am hoping to get him to weight...
1-3 of 4 Results