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    My bullies
  2. General Discussion
    We're giving away two $250 gift certificates to spend at Bella & Beau. All you have to do to enter is fill out a short SurveyMonkey form. We love Bella & Beau. Get your bling on with charm collars and bracelets made just for pet parents and their dogs. We love them so much that we're giving TWO...
  3. Pictures
    This is my daughter with Beau and Trinny (5 months old) at Petsmart puppy training. My daughter has been working with them for so long that they aced every exercise in the class. They got so bored after awhile they both feel asleep on the floor. That is because most of the training is for the...
  4. General Discussion
    I had to rush Beau to the vet this afternoon, he is really sick and is having surgery first thing in the morning. They think it might be bladder stones or a tumor.
  5. Pictures
    Today my baby turned 11 years old!!! Where has the time gone?! I remember picking him out when he was 6 weeks old and now he's 11 years old and a cranky old man!!! This little dog has seen me through some dark times and was there for some of the best times of my life, he's been with me through...
  6. Pictures
    My boyfriend made Beau a paracord collar and I LOVE IT!!!! It's awesome and I'm in love with the colors. It's really strong and holds up really well. He was less then impressed about me taking his pictures And just because the old man is so darn grumpy and kinda cute!
  7. Pictures
    Found this nice collar on the clearance section at TSC today while getting Beau a new water bowl for his kennel. I've been wanting to get him a nice leather collar for a while, and stumbled upon JUST what I was looking for!!! A nice tan leather collar with barbed wire on it. It's a little big...
  8. Pictures
    Here's some of Beau in his new camo collar and leash, for anyone that knows me knows I LOVE camo A LOT!! I've been looking for a camo collar for Beau for a good while now and finally came across the pattern I like and it had a matching leash, I couldn't help myself at all!!!!! So here is the...
  9. General Discussion
    I've noticed something over the last few weeks, Beau's life has improved almost ten-fold. I'll admit I wasn't the best owner, there were days I didn't have time to walk him, let alone pet him other then his feeding time. There were days he'd sit in the rain and wait for me to get home from work...
  10. Pictures
    Here's a video of Beau eating out of his kong....with some Takoda in it as well!! Warning ignore my southern accent and annoying voice and focus on the cute dogs :)
  11. General Discussion
    Here's some news I thought you would all like Beau is now the proud owner of a 10x20x4 kennel. I finally finished building it today and he's having a blast being "free"!! After his attack or allergic reaction I didn't want him on a chain anymore, so I set out to find a better solution, he can't...
  12. Pictures
    Here's one crappy cell pic of Beau and Takoda! They're both sporting new collars, care to guess where the collars came from? Here's a hint they're both made by different people. And I think that for a crappy cell pic, this came out nicely seeing how this was in my field and what not :)
  13. Health & Nutrition
    The cranky old Beagle is eating again and is just fine!!! I had to change up his food a bit and it was just him simply being sick of the kibble. I now mix in a 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of Dog Chow, 1/2 of CDLS and a spoonful of wet dog food mix it up and he's eating again and actually woofing...
  14. Pictures
    Here's some new ones of Beau the old geezer, excuse how fat he is.....he's enjoying being an old cranky Beagle.
  15. Pictures
    I'm bored and have a lot of time on my hands and two dogs that are high energy and need the work. So I figured why not start conditioning them. I know they're not APBT, but they do have the energy to burn and I have the time to put into it :) I'm only doing this for 3 weeks. First off Takoda...
  16. General Discussion
    He's kinda doped up right now, cause I don't feel like hearing him run his mouth while we get hit with nasty storms. Does that make me a bad pet owner? :roll::roll::roll::roll::roll: (Little history, Beau has BAD panic attacks during storms. So to help take the edge off, I'll give him some...
  17. Pictures
    ...and I think he looks awesome!!! He's sooooo smooth and soft and you can see his muscles much better too! He even changed colors !! I know you're not supposed to shave Beagles, but me and my co-worker were bored, and well Beau has been in grooming shops long enough that he's a practice dummy...
  18. Pictures
    Here's your lover boy working out for you ;)
  19. Pictures
    lol she asked me to take this pic for him :D GOT EARZ!!!! hahaha we had to share :D
1-20 of 37 Results