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  1. Pictures
    I feel like I've had him 2 days lol and he's grown to be such a big boy , the most gentle and love able companion ! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. General Discussion
    I had a goo chuckle last night (after I got over the shock of her statement). I was at a fundraiser at a local school and took Jones with. And had a woman stop me and say to me "you have such a beautiful Labrador. May I pet him?" For a brief moment I thought I had been robbed and Jones had been...
  3. General Discussion
    Its easy! Pit Bulletin Legal News Network is pleased to announce our newest contest! The winning picture from each category will receive one custom watercolor by Geoffrey Martin Pet Portraits! Examples of his work can be seen here: Welcome There will be three (3) categories for you to enter...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I am so excited to have found this group because I truly have questions about what could be wrong and the vets here are stupid. Godi is a 9 month old gray (pink nosed) pit bull. Here is the problem, the dumb vet here said Godi has knee dyplasia but told us to just take him home...
  5. Pictures
    I love my crew...they are all simply stunning in my eyes...IDK what it is with me and black dogs though lol just what i ended up with i guess. :) First off my girl...A rescue but by far the most driven well-behaved dog i have ever met...Alexa Next up my handsome Drake. He is my...
  6. Pictures
    Today is my day off and I figured I would get some pictures of my lil man! His ears are all healed up and they look fantastic, his first show is this sunday and we are working on it everyday! Here's the pics! i love this one! <3 and a couple of our stacking practice thanks...
  7. Adopt a Bulls
    This boy is stunning, they rescued him from death row in NY. The pics don't do justice he is brolic, strong front and very nice rear. We are tallking about a dog that hasn't been exercised or fed right and he looks this good. Amazing temperament from what I saw came and tried and to sit on my lap.
  8. Pictures
    It was such a beautiful day out here today so we packed up Dosia and the boy and went down to the river to feed some ducks. Are we there yet????????? Dosia had to stay right by his side :) Ryan and Bubba feeding the ducks The greedy seagulls wanted all the bread lol Dosia wanted to...
  9. Pictures
    Here are a few pics of my boy Spartacus @ 8 months this past weekend... enjoy!
  10. General Discussion
    This little fireball is looking for a home, she is avaialable and as you can see she is toy motivated. I can see this girl excelling in agility or weight pull.
1-12 of 48 Results